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Penn Nursing: 1st in NIH Funding 
March 30, 2010, Volume 56, No. 27

Despite its relatively small size, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing was ranked first among schools of nursing receiving federal research funding awarded by the National Institutes of Health, making it the top private school of nursing in the United States.

The NIH annual rankings showed Penn Nursing received $10.9 million in research funding in 2009, raising it in the rankings from second place to first and marking a 41 percent increase from 2008. The University of California, San Francisco was ranked second with $8.8 million and the University of Washington was third with $8.5 million. Penn Nursing received 28 NIH-funded grants, including a $3.8 million grant to Dr. Martha Curley for her study on sedation management in pediatric patients with acute respiratory failure. The School currently undertakes research in a number of fields, notably investigating the cellular behavior contributing to disease, hospital working conditions for nurses, care for elderly people in transition and developing behavioral interventions to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS among adolescents here and abroad.

Almanac - March 30, 2010, Volume 56, No. 27