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Committee on Open Access Publishing
March 23, 2010, Volume 56, No. 26

Provost Vincent Price and Senior Vice Provost for Research Steven J. Fluharty have appointed a Committee on Open Access Publishing, comprised of faculty and ex officio staff from across the University. The Committee is examining the status of open access publishing practices and will make recommendations by the end of the academic year regarding how the University might establish policies to better serve the Penn community and the general public. The Committee was formed in response to the opportunity for broad and immediate access to information provided by the Internet; existing and potential requirements of federal funding agencies that research results be made available through open access repositories; the desire of Penn faculty to widely and quickly disseminate their scholarly work; the changing business dynamics of scholarly publishing and professional societies; and the adoption of open access publishing policies at our peer institutions. The Committee is considering these developments as well as other relevant issues as it formulates its recommendations.

The Committee is chaired by Kevin Werbach (The Wharton School), and includes Peter Decherney (School of Arts and Sciences), Marjorie Bowman (School of Medicine), Al Filreis (School of Arts and Sciences), J. Matthew Hartley (Graduate School of Education), John B. Hogenesch (School of Medicine), Gary A. Molander (School of Arts and Sciences), Jonathan M. Smith (School of Engineering and Applied Science), R. Polk Wagner (Law School), Terri E. Weaver (School of Nursing), Rachel Weinberger (School of Design), and Mandy Shoemaker (Graduate Student). Ex Officio members of the Committee are Robert Firestone, (Office of General Counsel), Eric Halpern (Penn Press), and H. Carton Rogers (Penn Libraries). The Committee is staffed by Josie Rook (Office of the Vice Provost for Research).

The Committee welcomes input from the Penn community. Should you be interested in offering comments or suggestions please e-mail coap@exchange.upenn.edu.

Almanac - March 23, 2010, Volume 56, No. 26