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Research Community: Submitting Recombinant DNA Registrations
March 2, 2010, Volume 56, No. 24

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and the Office of Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (EHRS) strongly encourage the University of Pennsylvania research community to submit recombinant DNA registrations well in advance of submitting IACUC protocols using the IACUC’s Animal Research Information Electronic Submissions system (ARIES).

When you submit an ARIES protocol involving rDNA work, you will be required to enter either an IBC number or “pending.” If you enter “pending,” your protocol will be reviewed, but approval will be withheld until a valid IBC number has been entered. To avoid approval delays, we encourage you to submit an rDNA registration to obtain a valid IBC number before you submit a protocol through ARIES. 

If you have an rDNA registration pending IBC review, you can receive the IBC number assigned to your registration and add it to your initial ARIES submission by contacting any member of the biosafety staff (215-898-4453).  This will avoid the need to resubmit your protocol in order to enter the rDNA approval number to replace a “pending” entry.  You must still have the IBC rDNA approval letter in your possession before any rDNA work covered by the relevant registration is initiated.

Failures to comply with The NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules may threaten NIH funding for the entire institution.  Prior planning and coordination of your submissions to the IBC and the IACUC should eliminate frustration and enable the approval of your work in a timely manner.

If you have any questions, please contact EHRS or the IBC at (215) 898-4453.

—Laura Peller, Director,
Environmental Health & Radiation Safety

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Almanac - March 2, 2010, Volume 56, No. 24