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Penn Genome Frontiers Partnerships in Translational and Personalized Genomics: March 15
March 2, 2010, Volume 56, No. 24

The Penn Genome Frontiers Institute (PGFI) is seeking Letters of Interest for partnerships in translational and personalized genomics. The PGFI intends to establish focal centers within the PGFI for large-scale projects targeting translational and personalized genomics.

Each focal center will apply genomics, computational analysis, and systems modeling on a single disease, single translational model system, or a therapeutic problem. Ideal projects will vertically integrate well-characterized clinical populations, high-throughput assays, pathway and target identification, functional validation in model systems, and the design of therapeutic strategies.

Each focal center is expected to immediately launch pilot projects including genomic sequencing, RNA sequencing, design of analysis strategies, and functional assays. The focal centers are expected to seek external funding in partnership with PGFI and dynamically participate in all PGFI activities.

The PGFI anticipates an investment of $5 million over the next three years to support up to three centers. We anticipate the installment of latest next-gen sequencing machines, additional computational infrastructure, support personnel, and funding of preliminary data collection.

Investigators interested in participating in the establishment of the focal centers should send a letter of interest to PGFI. The letter of interest should contain the following information:

1. List of interested investigators

2. Target problem

3. Rationale for PGFI partnership

4. Description of current resources including clinical populations

Potential projects will be evaluated for the following criteria:

• Interdisciplinary team including multi-school participation

• Strength and availability of clinical population and other existing resources

• Potential for vertical integration with genomic technologies

• Potential for impact and external funding

Please send letter of interest and any supporting material to: Kristin Field, assistant director of programs, Penn Genome Frontiers Institute, 301 Lynch Laboratories/6018, 433 S. University Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6018.

Almanac - March 2, 2010, Volume 56, No. 24