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January 19, 2010, Volume 56, No. 18

Enhanced Online Penn Directory
Coming the Week of January 25

The enhanced online Penn Directory, featuring new organizational listings, will be rolled out to the University the week of January 25. The enhancements mark the end of a multi-year initiative to bring all personal and organizational contact information to the web and eliminate the printed faculty-staff phone book. The online-only Penn Directory not only supports the University’s sustainability goals but offers a level of currency that was not possible with the printed book: both personal and organizational listings can now be updated year round, whenever information changes.

The online organizational listings replace the organizational listings in the blue pages of the printed phone book, and retain the information that was available in print. (See sidebar for disposition of non-organizational information that was in the blue pages.) A robust search capability makes it easy to locate a specific organization. Contact information is displayed in an easy-to-scan format that approximates the print format, and can include e-mail addresses in addition to phone/fax numbers, addresses, and URLs. To illustrate, a segment of the updated ISC listing is shown below.


Like the listings in the printed blue pages, the online organizational listings provide important contact information for key individuals, organizational subdivisions, and services, but do not list all the members of an organization. Each organization decides what information to provide and can update it as necessary using the companion updating application.

The organizational listings will only be available to authorized faculty, staff, and students who log in and use the Penn view of the Directory. The redesigned Penn view search screen, shown below, will display two search panels:  the new organization search panel and a newly streamlined search panel for personal listings.

Penn View

To facilitate access, a new “Use the Penn view of the Directory” link will be added to the main Directories web page at www.upenn.edu/directories/. Faculty and staff are encouraged to use and bookmark the new link for direct access both to organizational contact information and to more extensive contact information for individuals than is available to the general public via the “Find a person” link.

I invite you to try out the enhanced Penn Directory at your earliest convenience, and welcome your comments and feedback. Please address any comments to penncommda@isc.upenn.edu.

Robin Beck, Vice President, Information Systems and Computing


Reminder: Update Personal Listings

Faculty and staff are reminded that they are responsible for keeping their personal directory information up-to-date, and can do so at any time by following the “Update Directory listings” link at www.upenn.edu/directories/.  New employees should use the same link to review their new directory record after obtaining a PennCard and PennKey.

Finding Non-Organizational Information from the Printed Blue Pages

In addition to organizational information, the blue pages of the printed faculty-staff phone book listed trustees, emeritus faculty, and standing faculty, and provided a building map. Much of this information is available online but in a different form.  Here’s how to find it:

Trustees: In the organizational listings, the heading “Trustees, Office of” links to the Office of the Secretary’s website, where a list of trustees is maintained.

Building Map: In the organizational listings, under the heading “Facilities and Real Estate Services, Office of the Vice President,” there will be a link to the building map maintained by Facilities on their website.


Emeritus Professors: Individual emeritus faculty can be found using the person search, but no consolidated list of emeritus faculty will be available. A search for “emeritus” in the organizational listings will provide a link to the Penn Association of Senior and Emeritus Faculty (PASEF) website. PASEF has no plans to list emeritus faculty.

Standing Faculty: Faculty information is available in departmental sites on the Penn web. No consolidated listing of standing faculty will be available.

Almanac - January 19, 2010, Volume 56, No. 18