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The Arts & the City Year Arts Grants Program: February 1
December 22, 2009, Volume 56, No. 16

The Arts & the City Year Arts Grants Program supports projects that offer opportunities to create, participate in, and learn about the arts on campus and in Philadelphia. Projects will be considered if they increase the number of students who experience arts and arts resources at Penn and/or in Philadelphia or are collaborations with local artists and local arts venues to promote undergraduate learning through the arts.

The Grants Committee will evaluate applications based on the quality and innovation of the project and its potential to engage and involve both the Penn and Philadelphia communities. While previous experience in the arts is not a requirement for funding, the committee will consider an applicant’s ability to realize the project.

Multi-disciplinary and/or collaborative projects between Penn organizations and schools are encouraged. Project leaders are encouraged to reach out to other schools and departments, especially to share expertise, networking opportunities, and invite lists.


• You must be a current University of Pennsylvania student, faculty, or staff member, or a group comprised of at least 80% current University of Pennsylvania students.

• You may apply as an individual student or as the representative of a student organization.

• Faculty and staff projects must engage students as the primary participants.

• For groups that are not formally registered with the Office of Student Life and recognized and funded by the Student Activities Council, a sponsoring Penn department or program is required.

• Funding will be not given for proposals submitted after the activity has taken place.

• Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Deadlines and Submission

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis but no later than: February 1, 2010 for spring term projects (February 2010 to April 2010)

All applications should be submitted electronically to: Arts & the City Grants Committee, c/o Dr. Michael Ketner, mketner@sas.upenn.edu

Please use the subject heading “Arts and the City Year Arts Grant Application.”


• The final project must be accessible to the entire Penn community (anyone from Penn’s campus must be able to participate and/or attend).

• Grants can be up to $750.

• Applicants may request funding for the following project expenses: Materials, transportation, equipment, publicity, facilities, fees, and payment to professional performers or technical assistants. Requests for travel or accommodation expenses for individual applicants are rarely funded, and applicants will be encouraged to rent or borrow equipment whenever possible.

• Applicants may not request funding for: Food and beverages or reception costs, stipends for their own time or work in creating the project, events designed as fundraising efforts for other non-profit organizations, routine curricular activities, or annual funding.

• Students involved in the project cannot receive academic credit from any institution or department for the project. This includes senior theses and senior projects.

• Please submit a thorough and professional application, including logistics, resources needed, and any details that have already been confirmed, as well as the following information:

1. Name of student group or individual student applying;

2. Name, campus address, e-mail, phone, and position for contact person and/or sponsoring faculty, program, or student group;

3. Name, date, time, and location of the activity (if applicable);

4. Number of students participating in the project and expected audience size (if applicable);

5. Brief description (up to 250 words) of the proposed activity and how it meets the grant criteria;

6. Location of the proposed project or event (applicant is responsible for all appropriate clearances);

7. Total amount of funding requested, list of other sources of funding, and itemized budget. If proposed activity is part of a larger activity (such as a campus-wide event or conference), provide a brief budget summary for the entire project;

8. University account number of sponsoring organization, department, program or student group, as well as the name, e-mail, and phone number of the person responsible for that account’s funds;

9. List of contacts for any non-Penn groups involved in the collaboration.


Almanac - December 22, 2009, Volume 56, No. 16