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Holidays: Penn-Style
November 24, 2009, Volume 56, No. 13
Fabulous Finds for Those Fond of Facts or Fiction

Want a special gift for the book-lovers on your holiday gift list? 

Well, there are numerous new books hot off the press again this year.

The Penn Bookstore has many to choose from—factual and fictional, personal and pictorial, historical and innovative. These are some of the many new books by Penn authors—faculty, staff, trustees and alumni. Not only are there books from Penn Press, but there are options from the Penn Museum and Wharton School Publishing as well. 

For shoppers who want to preview the selection online, visit www.upenn.edu/pennpress for collections by both Penn Press and the Penn Museum, and www.whartonsp.com for Wharton School Publishing.


Sunnylands: Art and Architecture of the Annenberg Estate in Rancho Mirage, California; edited by David G. De Long, professor emeritus of architecture. Tells the story of the celebrated home of Walter and Leonore Annenberg, now considered to be an icon of midcentury modernism. Penn Press. Cloth $34.95.


The Difference: How Anyone Can Prosper in Even the Toughest Times; Jean Chatzky, C’86. Financial coach examines how to start from nothing and become financially secure through a balancing act. Hardcover $24.95.



Slept Away; Julie Kraut, C’04. A young adult novel about a teenager whose summer is anything but what she expected after her parents send her to summer camp, far away from the luxuries of her New York home. Paperback $8.99.





Secrets to Happiness: A Novel; Sarah Dunn, C’91. Chronicles the lives of several New Yorkers and their varied lifestyles, from an unsuccessful writer to a cheating wife and more. Hardcover $23.99.




Love, Mom: Poignant, Goofy, Brilliant Messages from Home; Doree Shafrir, C’99, G’04; Jessica Grose. Comedic, maternal messages from mothers who know best.  Hardcover $17.99.

Trading Dreams

And Justice for All: The United States Commission on Civil Rights and the Continuing Struggle for Freedom in America; Mary Frances Berry, Geraldine R. Segal Professor of American Social Thought. Tells the story of the American civil rights movement through the work of the US Commission on Civil Rights, which helped gain new legislation toward civil rights for all. Hardcover $30.

Turning Learning

Frantic Panoramas: American Literature and Mass Culture, 1870-1920; Nancy Bentley, associate professor of English. Examines how the emergence of mass culture affected literary culture in America. Penn Press. Cloth $59.95.


Black philosoher, White Academy

Do Museums Still Need Objects?; Steven Conn, Gr’94. By closely observing the cultural, intellectual, and political roles that museums play in contemporary society, while also delving deeply into their institutional histories, the book argues that museums are no longer seen simply as houses for collections of objects. Penn Press. Cloth $39.95

Souls of Poor Folk

How to Get Out of Iraq with Integrity; Brendan O’Leary, Lauder Professor of Political Science and director of the Program in Ethnic Conflict. An in-depth analysis of the new Iraqi constitution, an evaluation of the political goals and powers of the major ethnic and religious groups that will constitute the new Iraqi state, and an assessment of the regional realities of a Saddam-less Iraq. Penn Press. Cloth $34.95.

Righting Feminism

Washington Internships: How to Get Them and Use Them to Launch Your Public Policy Career; Deírdre Martinez, director of the Fels Public Policy Internship Program. A guide to landing that crucial first position in America’s capital. Penn Press. Paper $19.95




Counter Revolution

Ask Dr. Marie: Straight Talk and Reassuring Answers to Your Most Private Questions; Marie Savard, NU’72, M’76 and Penn trustee, with Sondra Forsyth. This medical guide for women addresses basic anatomy and physiology, sexuality, and the importance of health care, among other medical issues related to women. Hardcover $24.95.

Sweet land of Liberty

Electing the President, 2008: The Insiders’ View; edited by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, professor of communication in the Annenberg School for Communication and director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center. Political experts assess the importance of new factors ranging from campaign spending to the performance of the press corps, from the effect of the Internet on news cycles to the influence of Tina Fey. Penn Press. Paper $24.95.

Food Security

The Network Challenge: Strategy, Profit, and Risk in an Interlinked World; Paul R. Kleindorfer, professor emeritus of operations and information management; Yoram (Jerry) Wind, Lauder professor of marketing and director of SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management; and former Wharton staff member, Robert E. Gunther. Wharton School Publishing. Hardcover $59.99.

Stay Healthy

Learning from Catastrophes: Strategies for Reactions and Response; Howard Kunreuther, Cecilia Yen Koo Professor of Decision Sciences and Business and Public Policy and co-director of Risk Management and Decision Processes Center; Michael Useem, The William and Jacalyn Egan Professor of Management and director of the Center for Leadership and Change Management.  Wharton School Publishing. Hardcover $37.99.

Diplomat's Wife

The Sufi Journey of Baba Rexheb; Frances Trix, Indiana University. A recounting of the modern Sufi leader, a Muslim mystic from the Balkans. Penn Museum. Cloth $55.


Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure: The True Story of a Great American Road Trip; Matthew Algeo, C’88. A reconstruction of Harry and Bess Truman’s post-presidential 2,500-mile road trip in the 1950s. Hardcover $24.95.



Rohm and Haas: A Century of Innovation; Regina Lee Blaszczyk, visiting scholar in the department of the history and sociology of science. Examines the 100-year history of this Philadelphia-based chemical company, which has long stressed the importance of connecting with the customer. Penn Press. Cloth $49.95

Opposite of Love

The National PTA, Race, and Civic Engagement, 1897-1970; Christine Woyshner, professor of education. An examination of the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) in relation to its racial politics and as a venue for women’s civic participation in educational issues. Hardcover $52.95.


Possible City

Best African American Essays 2009; edited by Gerald Early, C’74 and Debra J. Dickerson. An anthology of previously published essays by 30 writers on the subjects of entertainment, sports, the arts, sciences, technology, education, activism, and political thought. Hardcover $23.


Landscapes of Movement: Trails, Paths, and Roads in Anthropological Perspective; edited by Clark L. Erickson, associate professor of anthropology and associate curator of the American Section at the Penn Museum along with  James E. Snead and Andrew Darling. Documents paths, trails, and roads of human movement across times and cultures. Penn Museum. Cloth $65.


Nothing but Ghosts; Beth Kephart, C’82; After her mother dies, 16-year old Katie takes a summer job at the garden estate of the reclusive Miss Martine and soon becomes involved in decoding a mystery hidden in an old painting. Hardcover $17.99.

Beck diet

The Once and Future New York: Historic Preservation and the Modern City; Randall Mason, associate professor of city & regional planning in the School of Design. Dr. Mason reveals that historic preservation has been a persistent force in the development of New York since the 1890s, when the city’s leading politicians, planners, and architects first recognized the need to preserve the rapidly evolving city’s past. Paperback $27.95.

Desi Rap

The 10Ks of Personal Branding; Kaplan Mobray, C’94. This guide offers ten must-know insights to building your personal brand. Paperback $18.95.





Almanac - November 24, 2009, Volume 56, No. 13