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Bringing Work and Family Together
October 27, 2009, Volume 56, No. 09

This is the last in a series of articles this October that honors National Work and Family Month—a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of worklife benefits.

Many of us spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our own families. You may even find that your work sometimes consumes your thoughts when you’re at home with your loved ones. Shifting between work and family life isn’t always easy.  Wouldn’t it be nice to combine the two every now and then?

If you’re looking for ways to balance your work and home life, consider attending one of our annual family-friendly initiatives such as Penn Family Day or Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Held in October, Penn Family Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the Penn community with family and friends.  In fact, the 2009 Penn Family Day—which just took place on Saturday, October 10—brought hundreds of faculty, staff and their families together for a day of celebration. Over 600 people attended the Family Tailgate Party, while many went on to see the Penn football team capture a win against Bucknell.  The day’s festivities also included free tours at the University Museum and fun at Penn’s ice rink for those wanting to go for a skate. By the end of the day, plenty of food and fun was enjoyed by all who participated.  Visit the Penn Family Day website at www.hr.upenn.edu/Quality/StaffRecognition/FamilyDay.aspx to see photos of this year’s exciting event.

Another opportunity that can bring your work and family together is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.  Each year on the fourth Thursday in April, you have the chance to let your kids experience Penn.  They can get caught up in the excitement of the day’s activities—from rock climbing to science experiments to career discovery lessons—and you’ll have the opportunity to share your family with the Penn community.  Visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/Quality/TakeOurKidstoWork.aspx for more information.

We’re committed to helping you maintain a positive and productive lifestyle on and off the job.  For more information on resources to support the needs of you and your family, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/Quality/Default.aspx or contact Human Resources at (215) 573-2471 or kenne@upenn.edu.  You can also stay up to date on the latest news from the Division of Human Resources through our regular publications such as Penn@Work, Message from Human Resources or the Quality of Worklife Newsletter.  Visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu for more information. 

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Almanac - October 27, 2009, Volume 56, No. 09