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What’s Old is Once Again New at the Penn Museum
October 6, 2009, Volume 56, No. 06

When the University of Pennsylvania Museum opened in 1899, the Warden Garden entrance (above) was the entrance. According to the Museum’s archivist Alessandro Pezzati, the original plan of the Museum called for the Trescher entrance to be the main entrance. Because the building was never completed as planned (with an even bigger rotunda soaring behind the Trescher entrance), the Warden entrance became the main entrance, and now it returns to being so after a seven year closure. In 2002, the Museum upgraded the Stoner Courtyard and Trescher entrance at the same time it opened the new Mainwaring wing for collections storage and study.

The Museum has reopened the Warden Garden entrance to “re-position” itself to be closer to campus and the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and that much more accessible to students and the wider Penn community of which it is a part. While the other entrances remain open, with Kress the principal entrance for school groups, the Warden Garden entrance is the new “main entrance” to the wider community.

The Museum has launched new audio tours, available in English and Spanish. See www.penn.museum/press-releases/650-penn-museum-launches-new-audio-tour.html

It has also launched a newly redesigned website and new address:  www.penn.museum.

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Almanac - October 6, 2009, Volume 56, No. 06