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Distinguished International Scholars: October 23
September 29, 2009, Volume 56, No. 05

The Office of the Provost announces that applications are available for the Distinguished International Scholars Program, a program which aims to promote further global engagement in undergraduate education and deepen the University’s ties to the world’s leading universities and scholars. Any member of the Standing Faculty who is teaching an undergraduate course in an upcoming semester may apply to host an international scholar. The deadline for this application cycle is October 23, 2009. Applications will be accepted for courses to be offered next academic year: 2010-2011. There will be another call for applications in the spring.

The Distinguished International Scholars Program offers Penn faculty the opportunity to invite a scholar from another nation to contribute significantly to an undergraduate course while visiting Penn’s campus. The scholar’s time may be compressed into a two-week visit or spread out over the course of the semester but the total time spent on campus should be at least 10 weekdays. Longer or shorter periods for the visit may be acceptable depending on the circumstances. In addition to the course, the scholar should participate in the intellectual and cultural life of campus through such activities as visiting other courses, offering public lectures, attending departmental seminars/workshops, and participating in programs through College Houses and Academic Services.

The faculty member will be responsible for hosting the scholar during the visit. This includes coordinating all travel and lodging arrangements, as well as planning all educational and social activities during the visit. The host department or school will receive up to $20,000 to cover expenses related to the visit such as an honorarium, visa fees, and the costs of lodging, meals, and travel. Applications will be evaluated based on the scholar’s reputation and teaching expertise, how well the planned visit integrates the scholar into the intellectual and cultural life of the campus, and the impact the scholar’s visit will have on undergraduate education at Penn.

For copies of the application material or further information, please visit www.upenn.edu/provost/dis.

Almanac - September 29, 2009, Volume 56, No. 05