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September 29, 2009, Volume 56, No. 05

Since 1956, Penn has celebrated a rite of passage each year for faculty and staff of all ranks who meet only one common requisite: they have been members of the University community for 25 years. Another 185new members crossed the 25-year mark in 2009 and will be inducted at the University of Pennsylvania 25-Year Club celebration on October 1. Members at New Bolton Center will have a separate celebration on October 14.

25-Year Club: New Members for 2009

Dr. Arthur I. Alterman, Psychiatry-Addictions/Med

Mr. Guzman V. Alvarez, Penn Dental Network-Central/Dental Med

Mr. Vincent J. Bakanauskas, Radiation Oncology/Med

Dr. Jane H. Barnsteiner, Family and Community Health/Nursing

Ms. Emily J. Batista, University Library

Dr. Joseph E. Bavaria, Surgery Admin/Med

Ms. Christine Belden, Environmental Health and Safety/Provost’s Center

Dr. Louis Bell, Jr., Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Linda Y. Belton, Medicine-General Internal Medicine/Med

Dr. Robert M. Benedon, Periodontics/Dental Med

Dr. Shawn J. Bird, Neurology/Med

Mr. Weldon Blount, Housekeeping/Facilities Management

Ms. Lessie Victoria Boyd, GSE

Dr. Michael Neil Braffman, Medicine-Infectious Diseases/Med

Miss Evelyn P. Brown, Public Safety Communications/Division of Public Safety

Ms. Linda M. Caiazzo, Pennsylvania Gazette/Development & Alumni Relations

Miss Patricia Callahan, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med

Dr. Elizabeth Capezuti, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/Nursing

Mrs. Sharon P. Carlisle, Pathobiology/Vet

Dr. Joseph H. Carter, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med

Mrs. Gloria A. Chapman, Finance and Admin/Wharton

Dr. Alvin J. Chin, Pediatrics/Med

Mrs. Lynette S. Clark, Student Health Services/Student Services

Mr. Frank E. Claus, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance

Ms. Jane Cohen, Ryan Veterinary Hospital/Vet

Mrs. Rosalie N. Cohen, Entrepreneurial Programs/Wharton

Dr. Pierre A. Conti, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/Vet

Dr. David L. Crawford, Management/Wharton

Dr. Katherine Crits-Christoph, Psychiatry-Psychotherapy/Med

Dr. Paul F. Crits-Christoph, Psychiatry-Psychotherapy/Med

Ms. Susan Rosenstern Curran, Provost’s Office

Ms. Jeanne F. Curtis, ISC

Ms. Emily V. Daniel, Medicine-Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism/Med

Mr. Thomas A. Davis, Information Security Project/ISC

Dr. Victor J. Defeo, Accounting/Wharton

Ms. Maureen A. Dorton, Ryan Veterinary Hospital/Vet

Dr. Lawrence Dougherty, Radiology/Med

Ms. Kay M. Dowgun, Research Advisory Group/Wharton

Mrs. Louisa R. Dowling, Pathobiology/Vet

Dr. Deborah A. Driscoll, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med

Dr. Marian P. Droba, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Teresa Dunn, Center For Technology Transfer/Provost’s Center

Dr. Roderic G. Eckenhoff, Anesthesia/Med

Dr. Ronald N. Ehrman, Psychiatry-Addictions/Med

Dr. Lois K. Evans, Family and Community Health/Nursing

Dr. Julie A. Fairman, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/Nursing

Mrs. Patricia M. Falciani, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance

Dr. Joseph A. Farrell, Jr., Classical Studies/SAS

Dr. Gerald R. Faulhaber, Business & Public Policy/Wharton

Dr. Roy S. Feldman, Preventive and Restorative Sciences/Dental Med

Dr. Peter J. Felsburg, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/Vet

Mr. Christopher Ferraiolo, Operations/Wharton

Dr. Kevin R. Fox, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology/Med

Mrs. Ann Marie Franco, Admin/Nursing

Dr. Stewart D. Friedman, Management/Wharton

Dr. Laurence J. Gavin, Emergency Medicine/Med

Dr. George L. Gerton, Obstetrics and Gynecology/Med

Dr. Urs Giger, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/Vet

Mr. Hynon Gilmore, Housekeeping/Facilities Management

Dr. Joel W. Goldwein, Radiation Oncology/Med

Dr. Peter Michael Greco, Orthodontics/Dental Med

Ms. Anne M. Greenhalgh, Undergraduate Division/Wharton

Mr. Thomas P. Gregor, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/Vet

Ms. Mary A. Griffin, Software Licensing/Business Services

Dr. Jorge Guerrero, Pathobiology/Vet

Ms. Nancy Cousart Gulsoy, University Library

Dr. Joseph E. Gyourko, Real Estate/Wharton

Ms. Anita M. Hall, FRES Admin/Facilities Management

Mr. Michael Halperin, Lippincott Library/University Library

Dr. Karen E. Hamilton, Vice Dean for Education’s Office/Med

Dr. David D. Hart, Biology/SAS

Dr. Paula S. Henthorn, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/Vet

Dr. Irving M. Herling, Medicine-Cardiovascular Medicine/Med

Mrs. Maria Hernandez, Vice Dean for Education’s Office/Med

Dr. Warren R. Heymann, Dermatology/Med

Dr. James B. Hoyme, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Rebecca A. Huss-Ashmore, Anthropology/SAS

Mr. John H. Irwin, GSE

Dr. Eileen K. Jaffe, Biochemistry/Dental Med

Rev. Albert Johnson, Human Resources

Dr. Thomas R. Kadesch, Genetics/Med

Ms. Edda Katz, ISC Communications Group/ISC

Dr. Elizabeth S. Kelly, Biddle Law Library

Dr. Thomas O. Kelly, Biostatistics and Epidemiolgy/Med

Dr. Steven O. Kimbrough, Operations and Information Management/Wharton

Mrs. Michelle Kinglee, Center for Research on Reproduction and Women’s Health/Med

Dr. Charles Kosteva, Preventive and Restorative Sciences/Dental Med

Mr. Anthony J. Kostick, Microbiology/Med

Dr. Dorothy E. Kurz, Women’s Studies/SAS

Dr. Chern-Hsiung Lai, Periodontics/Dental Med

Dr. Kenneth R. Laker, Electrical and Systems Engineering/SEAS

Mr. Barry W. Lasley, Residential Living Campus Services

Dr. David E. Leatherbarrow, Architecture/Design

Dr. Susan E. Levy, Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Vera I. Lewis, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services

Mr. Mark Frazier Lloyd, University Archives/President’s Center

Ms. Ellen Marie Lomastro, Ryan Veterinary Hospital/Vet

Ms. Marcia Longworth, Dean’s Office/Wharton

Ms. Jacqueline L. Lowry, Finance/Nursing

Mrs. Irma S. Lustig, English/SAS

Mr. Lionel Mabery, Housekeeping/Facilities Management

Mr. Felice Macera, Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter/Provost Interdisciplinary Programs

Dr. Archie Craig Mackinlay, Finance/Wharton

Dr. David R. Manning, Pharmacology/Med

Dr. Julian B. Marsh, Biochemistry/Dental Med

Dr. Roger R. Marsh, Otorhinolaryngology/Med

Dr. Holman C. Massey, Pathobiology/Vet

Mr. Joseph McCloskey, University Library

Dr. Victor G. Mellul, Dermatology/Med

Mrs. Kathleen Menkes, Business Development/Wharton

Mr. Jozef Mikoda, Operations and Maintenance Admin/Facilities Management

Mr. Eddie Miller, Housekeeping/Facilities Management

Dr. Janet M. Monge, University Museum

Dr. Dimitrios S. Monos, CHOP Pathology/Med

Dr. Jonni S. Moore, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med

Dr. M. Jeffrey Morton, Periodontics/Dental Med

Ms. Linda M. Mouzone, Outside Managed Dining/Business Services

Ms. Rose M. Murphy, Operational Services/SEAS

Mr. Kevin P. Murtaugh, Trades/Facilities Management

Mr. Thang D. Nguyen, Chemistry/SAS

Dr. David E. Nicklin, Family Medicine/Med

Miss Maryanne Nuzzo, Information Services/Development & Alumni Relations

Mr. G. Hossein Oliai/University Library

Dr. Burt Ovrut, Physics and Astronomy/SAS

Dr. Howard Pack, Business and Public Policy/Wharton

Mr. Michael A. Palladino, ISC

Dr. Reynold A. Panettieri, Medicine-Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care/Med

Dr. Richard P. Paul, Computer and Information Science/SEAS

Ms. Maria T. Perkins, Trust Admin/Division of Finance

Dr. Anthony J. Pietrovito, Chemistry/SAS

Dr. John Edward Piskai, Oral Medicine/Dental Med

Dr. Peter Dennis Quinn, Clinical Practice Admin/Med

Dr. Jerilynn Radcliffe, Pediatrics/Med

Ms. Lorraine Radomicki, Student Financial Services/Division of Finance

Mr. Roger A. Reina, Penn Medicine Development/Development & Alumni Relations

Ms. Tonya Williams Revell, Computing and Educational Technology/SEAS

Ms. Ellen W. Reynolds, Fine Arts/Design

Dr. Jean Richa, Genetics/Med

Ms. Charlotte F. Richards, Orthopaedic Surgery/Med

Mrs. Lynn Rivel, University Library

Mr. Rodney V. Robinson, Office of Student Life/Student Services

Dr. Heinrich Roder, Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med

Ms. Maria B. Romeo, Facilities Planning and Operations/SAS

Mr. Michael D. Rosse, University Library

Dr. Joseph Savino, Anesthesia/Med

Mrs. Sheila M. Schneyder, Business Office/Med

Ms. Lynn Seng, Vice Dean for Education’s Office/Med

Dr. Frances S. Shofer, Emergency Medicine/Med

Ms. Sondra Siegel, Residential Living/Campus Services

Dr. William Silver, SP2

Dr. Frank Smithgall, Preventive and Restorative Sciences/Dental Med

Mrs. Susan Nigra Snyder, Architecture/Design

Ms. Mary W. B. Spada, Technology Management/Student Services

Mrs. Sharon E. Steptoe-Smith, Wharton Computing/Wharton

Dr. David M. Stern, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations/SAS

Dr. Matthew B. Stern, Neurology/Med

Ms. Maria P. Sullivan, Administrative Information Technologies/ISC

Dr. Richard F. Summers, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Joseph Sun, Academic Programs/SEAS

Mrs. Diane M. Talecki, Ophthalmology/Med

Ms. Rosellen Taraborrelli, Psychiatry Business Office/Med

Dr. Susan C. Taylor, Dermatology/Med

Ms. Alvena Tilghman, Medicine-Infectious Diseases/Med

Mr. John F. Tisdale, University Library

Dr. Lorraine J. Tulman, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/Nursing

Ms. Barbara R. Wagner, Vice Dean for Education’s Office/Med

Ms. Doris Marie Wakefield, ISC

Mrs. Valerie R. Walker, Psychiatry-Addictions/Med

Mrs. Lisa M. Ward, Biochemistry and Biophysics/Med

Dr. Fred Weinblatt, Neurology/Med

Mr. Richard Wesley, Architecture/Design

Ms. Joan Weston, Admissions, Registrar, Finance/Design

Ms. Susan A. Wexler, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology/Med

Dr. Wayne G. Whitehouse, Medicine-Psychiatry/Med

Mr. Ronald K. Williams, Housekeeping/Facilities Management

Ms. Tanya L. Winder, Statistics/Wharton

Mrs. Karen L. Winkeler, Penn Police/Division of Public Safety

Dr. Donald S. Young, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med

Dr. Vincent K. Young, Ophthalmology/Med

Mrs. Zoe Zampana, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine/Med

New Bolton Center

Ms. Patricia I. Bodek, Animal    Biology/Vet

Dr. Michaela A. Kristula, Clinical Studies-New Bolton Center/Vet                     

Mrs. Claire M. Crane, Widener Hospital/Vet

Mrs. Eileen Dawn Rule, Widener Hospital/Vet

Mrs. Bonnie L. Millar, Widener Hospital/Vet




Almanac - September 29, 2009, Volume 56, No. 05