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Penn Libraries Staff Appointments
July 14, 2009, Volume 56, No. 01



Peter Collins has been named Assistant Project Manager for BorrowDirect, effective June 15. This is  a three-year appointment funded by the BorrowDirect Partners and reporting to the BorrowDirect Project Manager, Bob Krall, Penn Libraries’ Director Of Departmental Libraries, resource sharing and delivery services. BorrowDirect is an interlibrary lending service collaborative of Ivy League libraries.

Mr. Collins came to Penn from Dartmouth, where he served as access services librarian. He participated in the implementation, introduction and operation of BorrowDirect there.

Mr. Collins will lead BorrowDirect partners in the implementation of a new software platform and the development of a program for data collection, analysis, and management. “With his early involvement in BorrowDirect, Peter is ideally positioned to serve as the liaison between BorrowDirect partners during our transition to a new software platform,” said Carton Rogers, Vice Provost and Director of Libraries.

Mr. Collins holds a BA in English Literature from Northern Arizona University and an MLIS from Syracuse University.




Dr. Chi-wah Chan is the Chinese Studies Librarian, effective June 1. He came to Penn from Yale, where he served as the librarian for the Chinese Collection since 2005. Prior to that, he was a cataloguer with the international cooperative Chinese Rare Book Project, based in the East Asian Library at Princeton.

At Penn, he selects scholarly resources to support Penn’s Chinese Studies program and the larger educational mission of the University, organizes and supervises the technical processing of these materials, and provides specialized China-related reference and instructional services for faculty and students. 

“Chi-wah’s professional and educational experiences make him the ideal candidate for further developing Penn’s collections and services in Chinese Studies,” said Mr. Rogers.

Dr. Chan holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies from UCLA and an MLIS from Rutgers.

Almanac - July 14, 2009, Volume 56, No. 01