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The 2009 Newly-Retired Faculty
May 26, 2009, Volume 55, No. 34

The following faculty members were accorded emeritus status during the 2008-09 academic year. Those marked with asterisks (*) have elected not to use the emeritus title modifier.

*Margaret Beale Spencer, Professor of Education/GSE (’93)

Ivar Berg, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, SAS (’84)

Lawrence F. Bernstein, Professor Emeritus of Music, SAS (’70)

*Thomas M. Callaghy, Professor of Political Science, SAS (’88)

George W. Drach, Professor C-E Emeritus of Urology in Surgery, SOM (’99)

Stephen N. Dunning, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, SAS (’78)

Malcolm L. Ecker, Associate Professor C-E Emeritus, Orthopaedic Surgery/SOM (’98)

*William R. Graham, Professor of Material Science and Engineering, SEAS (’74)—accorded status in 2007-08

*Solomon H. Katz, Professor of Orthodontics, SDM (’68)—accorded status in 2007-08

Ira R. Katz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, SOM (’93)—accorded status in 2007-08

Sean K. Kennedy, Associate Professor C-E Emeritus of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, SOM (’88)

David E. Ludden, Professor Emeritus of History, SAS (’80)

John G. Monroe, Professor Emeritus of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, SOM (’85)

M. Frank Norman, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, SAS (’65)

David M. Nunamaker, Professor Emeritus of Orthopedic Surgery at Clinical Studies-New Bolton Center, VET (’72)

Alan C. Rosenquist, Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience, SOM (’72)

Alan D. Schreiber, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, SOM (’73)

Alfred M. Sellers, Associate Professor Emeritus of Medicine, SOM (’59)

Vivian C. Seltzer, Professor Emerita of Human Development and Behavior, SP2 (’76)

Paul Shaman, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Wharton (’77)

Lawrence J. Solin, Professor C-E Emeritus, Radiation Oncology/SOM (’94)—accorded status in 2007-08

*Neville E. Strumpf, Professor of Nursing, Biobehavioral and Health Sciences/SON (’82)

Richard L. Tannen, Professor Emeritus, Medicine/SOM (’95)

Donald H. Voet, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, SAS (’69)

Ingrid L. Waldron, Professor Emerita of Biology, SAS (’68)

*Bradford B. Wayland, Professor of Chemistry, SAS (’64)

Leon Weiss, Professor Emeritus of Cell Biology, Clinical Studies-Philadelphia/VET (’75)

Sidney G. Winter, Deloitte and Touche Professor Emeritus of Management, Wharton (’93)

Note: The year in parentheses is the year the professors joined the Penn faculty ranks.


Almanac - May 26, 2009, Volume 55, No. 34