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Blossoms and Blessings in Color
May 26, 2009, Volume 55, No. 34

Penn alumna Rita Bernstein, MFA '76 has been designing and painting silk textiles for the last 49 years. Within these works she explores her own creativity and capacity to express herself. In her art, she utilizes a variety of colors and patterns to absorb and stimulate viewers. Ms. Bernstein is especially interested in the colors, the flora and the interactions and behaviors of such entities that she experiences in her travels. As an artist and educator, Ms. Bernstein often encourages her viewers and students alike to enlarge their capacity to express themselves and to value their own creativity.

Ms. Bernstein’s silk textile art not only focuses on color and flora, but also on her own spirituality. Much of her work may be categorized as ceremonial art, used within various synagogues and churches, and focuses on her prayers for inner as well as world peace. Ms. Bernstein believes that her work is its own reward, and she wishes that it will enrich the lives of others as it has her own.

Rita Bernstein
Above, a work of silk/textile art by Rita Bernstein, from her exhibition, “Blossoms and Blessings in Color,” now through June 26 at the Burrison Gallery, Inn at Penn.



Almanac - May 26, 2009, Volume 55, No. 34