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School of Veterinary Medicine 2009 Teaching Awards
May 12, 2009, Volume 55, No. 33

Class of 2012 Teaching Award, Class of 2009 Philadelphia Campus Teaching Award and Norden-Pfizer Award


Dr. Peter Chapman, assistant professor of internal medicine, is very involved with the 1st, 3rd, and 4th year classes through ICVM, small animal block and electives, and small animal rotations at the Veterinary Hospital (VHUP). Students view him as very approachable and a great advocate. “He is very focused on making sure that he is a great educator—something students really appreciate!” a nominator said.

Class of 2011 Teaching Award


Dr. James Lok, professor of parasitology, “really made a difference with the 2nd year class this year. He mainly taught through the parasitology core course where students really appreciated his enthusiasm and many came to enjoy parasitology lectures and labs (despite of what some might think as an uninteresting topic). He made us like school again!,” they said. 


Class of 2010 Philadelphia Campus Teaching Award


Dr. Charles Vite, assistant professor of neurology, is mainly involved with the upperclassmen electives and rotations at VHUP. Students appreciate his eagerness to help with working through cases and help them learn and understand disease processes in small animal medicine. 

Class of 2010 NBC Teaching Award


Dr. Ray Sweeney, professor of medicine and chief of section of medicine, New Bolton Center (NBC), mainly interacts with the 2nd through 4th years. “He is an excellent course organizer for IMD and tries to make the course very applicable to students. He is also very involved with large animal block and clinical rotations and works hard to help students learn and become great future clinicians.”


Class of 2009 NBC Teaching Award


Dr. Rose Nolen-Walston, assistant professor of medicine, is a “great educator, and another great advocate for students. She is very involved with each class year and is always willing to help out when asked. She is also one of the great teachers at our school who wants to make sure she is keeping students involved and wants to give great, memorable lectures. At New Bolton Center, she is very helpful and provides students with great clinical opportunities.”


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Almanac - May 12, 2009, Volume 55, No. 33