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Senate 2008-2009
May 12, 2009, Volume 55, No. 33

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Report of the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Development, Diversity, and Equity (SCFDDE)

General Committee Charge

The Committee (i) identifies and promotes best practices for faculty development, mentoring and work environment to facilitate faculty success at all career levels; (ii) evaluates and advocates processes for faculty recruitment, promotion, and retention that promote diversity equity, and work-life balance for the faculty; (iii) monitors the status of faculty development, mentoring, diversity and equity; and (iv) issues periodic reports on the activities and findings of the committee and makes recommendations for implementation.

Specific Charges

The Committee reviewed and accepted the draft specific charges referred to it by the Senate Executive Committee. These were to:

1. Follow up faculty recruitment pipeline & retention issues.

2. Provide input regarding mentorship into planned/ongoing University projects.

3. Support the wide dissemination of mentoring best practices & opportunities.

4. Support accessible quality child care.

5. Monitor implementation of sexual harassment and bias in recruitment training recommendations.

Report of Activities

The Committee collaborated with the University Council on Diversity and Equity including one joint meeting between SCFDDE and the Council’s Subcommittee on the Faculty, shared SCFDDE minutes with the Council Committee, and meeting of the chairs with the SEC Tri-Chairs. Further, the committee met twice with Associate Provost Vincent Price, with representatives of two University offices, and with faculty from the School of Medicine and the Wharton School. By the end of the spring semester, the Committee will have met a total of 9 times to conduct its business.

With respect to its charges:

1. Regarding faculty recruitment & retention, the Committee:

a. Reviewed and gave input to both the Minority Equity and Gender Equity Reports

b. Recommended a revision of the templates for letters to external reviewers to the Office of the Provost which resulted in the addition of new tenure clock extension language

c. Discussed development of a website to facilitate diversity in recruitment

2. Regarding mentorship, the Committee:

a. Reviewed the proposed exit interview and recommended insertion of mentoring items

b. Consulted SOM and Wharton regarding their recent climate surveys, reviewed other surveys and recommendations of consultant Dr. Croughan in preparation to recommend mentorship items for inclusion in upcoming university climate survey in development

c. Recommended that the Provost require deans to report on mentoring outcomes at each end of year

d. Developed brief descriptions of ‘best practices’ per school at Penn for posting on the mentoring website Office of the Provost

3. Regarding child care, the Committee:

a. Met with representatives from Facilities and Real Estate Services to learn more about the status of planning for child care on campus

b. Sent a memorandum to the Provost in support of continued efforts to obtain high quality child care for faculty.

4. Regarding the sexual harassment and bias in recruitment training charge, the Committee:

a. Recommended strongly to the Associate Provost that trainings on sexual harassment and bias in recruitment training be continued across the campus.

Recommended Activities for AY2009-2010

• Oversee and assure that mentorship is included in the University climate survey

• Recommend to the Schools that mentorship be included on the template CV, either as part of service or in a separate category  

• Continue work on the mentoring metrics blueprint in dialogue with the new Provost

• Monitor the annual reporting on mentorship by the deans to the Provost

• Refine the materials on Mentoring Best Practices for the Provost’s website

• Follow up on the recommendation for new faculty orientation

• Ensure that orientation and training for new and ongoing department chairs includes mentoring

• Follow and support the evolution of the Women’s Faculty Forum

• Continue to support accessible child care

• Request annually from the Provost a report on sexual harassment

2008-09 Committee Members

Lois Evans, School of Nursing, Chair

Clifford Deutschman, School of Medicine

Helen Davies, School of Medicine

Olena Jacenko, School of Veterinary Medicine

Susan Margulies, School of Engineering & Applied Science

Erle Robertson, School of Medicine

Sherri Adams, School of Dental Medicine, ex officio

Harvey Rubin, School of Medicine, ex officio

Almanac - May 12, 2009, Volume 55, No. 33