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Julie Lyzinski: Director of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives
March 17, 2009, Volume 55, No. 25



Julie Lyzinski has been named Director of Penn’s Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives (AOD).

 Ms. Lyzinski previously served as both Associate Director and Intervention Specialist for the former Office of Strategic Initiatives and Alcohol Policy Initiatives at Penn. In her time at Penn, Ms. Lyzinski has presented scholarly research at numerous national conferences and led the development of project proposals and administration of multiple federal grants through the US Department of Education.  Ms. Lyzinski has also held professional counseling positions in private youth and family practice settings in Illinois and New Jersey. She holds an MEd in human services and counseling from DePaul University and a BA in psychology and sociology from the University of Notre Dame.

“I am honored to be given this opportunity to work more closely with the administration, staff, faculty, and students here at Penn,” Ms. Lyzinski said. “Penn is a leader in the field of high-risk alcohol and other drug prevention throughout higher education, and I am committed to strengthening and continuing the successes we have shown in creating a safer, more action-oriented campus.”

Vice Provost for University Life Dr. Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum, commended Ms. Lyzinski’s hiring. “Julie has been a fabulous and innovative partner in our alcohol and other drug prevention and counseling programs for several years. To  have her assume this important new role, I believe, will benefit the safety and wellness of our entire Penn community.”

Associate Vice Provost for Health and Wellness Dr. Max King, also praised Ms. Lyzinski. “Julie has worked closely with Penn students and with our alcohol and other drug partners across the University and nation. I think she will offer wonderful insight and energy in this new leadership position.”

The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives identifies and addresses critical issues that inhibit academic progression and success for Penn students. Through vigorous, ongoing research, the office seeks to identify methods to reduce substance abuse and violence, control and mitigate campus environments where potential for abusive behavior exists, and foster a campus culture in which healthy living efforts are plentiful and successful. For more information on AOD programs at Penn, please see: www.vpul.upenn.edu/alcohol/.

Almanac - March 17, 2009, Volume 55, No. 25