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Models of Excellence Program: Celebrating 10th Anniversary
February 24, 2009, Volume 55, No. 23



This year marks a milestone for the Models of Excellence program, which honors, recognizes and celebrates outstanding staff member achievements. The program was introduced in 1999, marking this year as the 10th anniversary of a well-established and highly regarded employee recognition program. 

The Division of Human Resources is pleased to announce the 2009 Models of Excellence nominees and award winners. This year’s Selection Committee of campus leaders, listed below, considered 17 nominations with 172 staff members. For a complete listing of all winners and nominees, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/models. Please note that finalists for the Model Supervisor Award will be announced in Almanac in mid-March and the Model Supervisor will be announced on stage at the awards ceremony.


Ceremony and Reception

The 2009 Models of Excellence Award Ceremony and Reception is scheduled for April 16 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Don’t miss this unique opportunity that marks ten years of commemorating staff member contributions to the University. In honor of the program’s 10th anniversary, several activities have been planned to recognize all Models honorees over the last ten years. The entire Penn community is encouraged to attend. A solid representation of campus leadership confirms the importance of this program.

If you have any questions about the program or would like an invitation to the awards ceremony, contact Human Resources at QOWL@hr.upenn.edu or (215) 898-1012.

Award Winners

The Committee selected the following three nominations to honor this year. They were chosen for making significant contributions to the University that embodied the standards of excellence for this program, including creativity, leadership, extraordinary service, and cost-effectiveness.

Models of Excellence

The PennMoves Team is being honored for devising a plan for distributing valuable but discarded student items to local organizations and individuals in need. Last year, this complex but highly effective plan resulted in the redistribution of more than 70,000 pounds of furniture, appliances, and other items that would previously have been discarded as trash. The team’s efforts not only enhance Penn’s reputation for supporting local needs and engaging the community, but also support the University’s larger mission of increased sustainability.

Thomas P. Chester, Business Services
Laurie Cousart, Business Services
Ashley Darnell, Business Services
Bryan Isola, Business Services
Barbara A. Lea-Kruger, Business Services
Dana Matkevich, Business Services
Nancy McCue, Business Services
Isabel Sampson-Mapp, Government & Community Affairs
Glenn M. Stieffenhofer, Business Services
Ebonye White, Business Services
Michele Williams, Finance

Honorable Mention

The Healthy Behaviors Camp Team is being recognized for finding a creative way to address the increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases among Penn students. The team designed innovative, low-cost, contemporary learning sessions (i.e., “camps”) to educate our students, as well as the staff and faculty who work with them, on healthy sexual behaviors. These highly successful camps have improved our students’ health by providing them with the tools to make more informed decisions and take healthy actions when it comes to sexual behavior.

Karlene Burrell-McRae, University Life
Erin G.Cross, University Life
Matty Lehman, University Life
Deborah Mathis, University Life
Thomas Reda, University Life
Scott H. Reikofski, University Life
Tamarah Smith-Dyer, University Life
Vanessa Stoloff, University Life
Susan Villari, University Life

The Human Subjects ERA Team is being recognized for creating a flexible, cost-effective, and time-saving system for electronically managing the records required for Penn’s more than 5,000 active human subject protocols. The team was able to transform this complex, multi-faceted and ever-changing record-keeping process into an efficient system that saves substantial researcher time and paper, positioning Penn to compete much more effectively for research dollars in a tight funding environment.

Justin Besachio, Information Systems and Computing
Marion Campbell, Information Systems and Computing
Debra Doll, Information Systems and Computing
Shea Hammond, Information Systems and Computing
Yvonne Higgins, Vice Provost for Research
Bryan Hopkins, Information Systems and Computing
Teresa Leo, Information Systems and Computing
Anome Mammes, Information Systems and Computing
Edwin C. Read, Information Systems and Computing
Tracy Ziolek, Vice Provost for Research

2009 Selection Committee

Jeff Cooper, Vice President for Government & Community Affairs
Tom Hecker, Assistant Dean for Administration, School of Medicine
Anne Papageorge, Vice President, Facilities & Real Estate Services
Dr. Michelle Brown-Nevers, Associate Vice President for Student
Services, Student Registration and Financial Services, Finance
Dr. Sherrill Adams, Faculty Senate Chair; Professor and
Chair of Biochemistry, Dental Medicine
Laurie McCall, Chair-Elect, Penn Professional Staff Assembly
Linda Satchell, Penn Weekly-Paid Professional Staff Assembly
Adele Bruch-Appel, 2008 Models Honoree
Pamela P. Arms, 2008 Models Honoree
Christina Costanzo Clark, 2008 Models Honoree
Beverly Coulson, 2008 Models Honoree
Jim Cunningham, 2008 Models Honoree
Donna Milici Dacey, 2008 Models Honoree
Edwin Datz, 2008 Models Honoree
Erika Gross, 2008 Models Honoree
Kim Grube, 2008 Models Honoree
Ira Arnold Kauderer, 2008 Models Honoree
Justin Klein Keane, 2008 Models Honoree
Kyle Rosato, 2008 Models Honoree
B. Diane Scipio, 2008 Models Honoree
Sharon D. Scipio, 2008 Models Honoree
Paul Sehnert, 2008 Models Honoree
Sherry Weller, 2008 Models Honoree
Kendall Whitehouse, 2008 Models Honoree
Marilyn Kraut, Ex-Officio

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence!

The Models of Excellence program is an important reminder of the remarkable contributions our staff makes to Penn’s success every day. Over the past 10 years, the program has honored more than 500 staff members for their outstanding achievements. And it certainly hasn’t been easy to choose those winners out of the nearly 1,500 staff members who have been nominated, all of whom have made significant contributions to the University. For a full list of previous winners, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/Quality/Models.

Join us at this year’s awards ceremony on April 16 as we remember and celebrate these incredible staff members and their accomplishments! Please contact QOWL@hr.upenn.edu or (215) 898-1012 for more information.


Almanac - February 24, 2009, Volume 55, No. 23