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Where in the World is the Weave Bridge?
February 3, 2009, Volume 55, No. 20

The much-anticipated Weave Bridge has been installed over the Amtrak rail lines to connect the future 24-acre Penn Park to the north with the existing athletics and recreation facilities south of Hollenback Center. It allows pedestrians to cross over the Amtrak lines to reach Hollenback and the ten acres of River Fields to the south, including Rhodes and Warren fields—during the reconstruction phase of the South Street Bridge and beyond.

The final stages of construction of the Weave Bridge will be completed by early this spring. On the west side, there is a temporary wooden ramp leading to the bridge which will be in use until the Penn Park is complete. The bridge is now open for use, with lighting and security cameras installed.

The bridge was designed by Cecil Balmond, the Paul Phillipe Cret Practice Professor of Architecture in PennDesign, a renowned British designer and structural engineer, with associates in his London-based firm ARUP/AGU (Advanced Geometry Unit). The executive engineers of record were Philadelpia-based Ammann + Whitney.

For a video view of the bridge, see www.planphilly.com/node/5812, a project of Penn Praxis, the clinical arm of the School of Design.

Weave Bridge

(Note: The Paley Pedestrian Bridge is not ADA accessible but the Weave Pedestrian Bridge is ADA accessible)

The new Weave Pedestrian Bridge provides access to the southeastern end of the University of Pennsylvania’s campus

Almanac - February 3, 2009, Volume 55, No. 20