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From the President
January 13, 2009, Volume 55, No. 17

Consultative Committee for the Selection of a Provost

I am pleased to announce the formation of an Ad Hoc Consultative Committee to advise me on the selection of Penn’s next Provost, succeeding Ron Daniels, who will become the 14th President of Johns Hopkins University on March 1, 2009. Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Vincent Price will serve as Interim Provost until a new Provost is named.

Penn’s next Provost must be an eminent, energetic, and judicious academic leader with a distinguished record of scholarly and administrative achievement. As chief academic officer, the Provost is responsible to the President for the conduct, coordination, and quality of all of Penn’s academic programs, teaching and research activities, and student services, with the overall charge to move forward the vision articulated in the Penn Compact and lead Penn’s faculty and academic programs to the forefront of American and global higher education.

I am confident that the Consultative Committee that I have assembled with the help of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee will do an excellent job. I thank the members of the Consultative Committee for their willingness to undertake this important task. I have charged the Committee to conduct a broad search for a small group of individuals whom it can strongly recommend to me as suitable candidates for Provost. The Committee will consider candidates from any discipline or profession, both internal and external, without prejudice, and the search is international in scope. There is no prior preference for one kind of candidate over another.  

The Consultative Committee will be chaired by Thomas Robertson, Dean of the Wharton School. The other members of the Committee, in addition to Dean Robertson, are:


Sherrill Adams (Dental)

Linda Aiken (Nursing)

Eugenie Birch (Design)

Eric Bradlow (Wharton)

Deborah Driscoll (SOM)

John Jackson (ASC/SAS)

Susan Margulies (SEAS)

Charles Mooney (Law)

Christopher Murray (SEAS/SAS)

Reed Pyeritz (SOM)

Barbara Savage (SAS)


Zachary Fuchs, C’09/W’09; President, SCUE (Student Committee on Undergraduate Education)

Andrew Rennekamp, PhD’11, SOM; Chair, GAPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Assembly)

Nicole Thorpe, MCP’09, Design; Vice Chair for Student Life, GAPSA (Graduate and Professional Student Assembly)

Wilson Tong, C’09/W’09; Chair, UA (Undergraduate Assembly)

Staff to the Committee

Adam Michaels, President’s Office

Stephen Steinberg, President’s Office

The search will be supported by Barbara Stevens and Philip Jaeger of the executive search firm of Isaacson Miller, who know Penn extremely well.

The Committee welcomes—and will keep in the strictest confidence­—nominations, suggestions, and input from all members of the University community. For fullest consideration, communications should be received, preferably in electronic form, no later than February 13, 2009, and may be addressed to the Committee staff, Dr. Steinberg (sps@upenn.edu) or Mr. Michaels (adampm@upenn.edu), or to Ms. Stevens and Mr. Jaeger at 3784@imsearch.com (or c/o Isaacson Miller, 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 710, Washington, DC 20009).

—Amy Gutmann, President




Almanac - January 13, 2009, Volume 55, No. 17