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Honors & Other Things
December 16, 2008, Volume 55, No. 16

Dr. Gallo: Banks Award for Mentoring
Dr. Joseph Gallo, associate professor in the department of family medicine and community health at the School of Medicine, received the Steven Banks Award for Mentoring in Mental Health Research at the American Public Health Association’s annual conference. The award honors those who have given freely and generously of their time in mentoring others.

Dr. Meleis: Leadership Award
Nursing Dean Afaf Meleis has been awarded the 2008 International Distinguished Leadership Award by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. She was recognized for her international, professional and personal achievements in global health, a subject to which she has devoted six books and over 150 journal articles. Dr. Meleis received the award at the Building Global Alliances Symposium.

Dr. McCauley: Emory’s Nursing Dean
Dr. Linda McCauley, associate dean for research and the Nightingale Professor of Nursing in the School of Nursing, has been named Dean of Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Dr. Afaf Meleis, Dean of Penn’s School of Nursing said, “She is eminently qualified to lead this distinguished school of nursing to even higher levels of achievement. Her vision for the future of nursing science is an asset to the discipline.”  Dr. McCauley will begin her tenure on May 1, 2009.

Dr. Schwab: Surgeons’ Award
Dr. C. William Schwab, professor of surgery, chief of the division of trauma and surgical critical care, and director of the Firearm & Injury Center at Penn, has been awarded the National Safety Council’s Surgeons’ Award for Service to Safety during the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Schwab was honored for his “visionary leadership and steadfast commitment to firearm injury prevention and distinguished surgical career marked by excellence in clinical care, prodigious research, and inspirational mentorship and training of young surgeons.”

PennMOVES: Hometown Hero Award
On November 15, PennMOVES (Move-Out Volunteers Engaged in Service) was recognized by the organization Recycle Now as a Hometown Hero for their efforts to recycle items left behind by students at the end of the 2007-2008 academic year. In support of the Penn Compact’s directive to engage both globally (in support of the planet) and locally (in support of the community), staff gathered, sorted and redistributed over 70,000 pounds of clothing, books, appliances, toys, food and other items to organizations that help West Philadelphians and other nearby communities in need.  Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was on hand to thank the organizations singled out for this honor.

Mr. Todorov: Balkan Fund Award
Vlad Todorov, senior lecturer in the department of Slavic languages and literatures, was awarded a Balkan Fund Award for his second feature film project, Zincograph. This is the sixth consecutive year of the Balkan Fund of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in which eleven pre-selected projects were submitted by writers, directors and producers from the Balkan countries. Zincograph was one of four projects selected to receive the award.

Wharton: High Rankings
The Wharton School ranked #4 in  the BusinessWeek survey, “The Best US B-Schools of 2008.” BusinessWeek noted that Wharton’s “highly competitive program features flexible curriculum, diverse student body.” The BusinessWeek survey ranks the top business programs by measuring student and recruiter satisfaction.

Penn Museum: Best of Philly
Philadelphia magazinehas honored the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology as a 2008 Best of Philly site. The magazine calls the museum a “Brush with Mortality,” citing that “the collections here span the world, but it’s the mummies that kids remember.”

Penn Children’s Center Expansion: Construction Excellence Award
The expansion of the Penn Children’s Center, which was completed in the fall of 2007, was recognized as one of the Best Industrial Institutional Projects under $7 million by the General Building Contractors Association, a leading construction trade organization in the Philadelphia region. At the 12th Annual Construction Excellence Awards held November 3, the project contractor, INTECH Construction, Inc., and the primary architect, MGA Partners, were recognized for their work.

Wistar: One of the Best Places to Work
The Wistar Institute has been named one of the best places to work in academia, according to The Scientist magazine. Wistar is ranked #11 on the list, which cites Wistar’s strengths in the categories of “management and policy” and “peers.” The rankings were derived from surveys of scientists employed by research institutes and academic medical centers nationwide. A complete list of rankings are in the magazine’s November 1 issue. The Wistar Institute was founded as the first independent biomedical nonprofit research institute in the country.

Release of Iranian Scholar
Iranian scholar Mehdi Zakerian, who had been  detained in Tehran by the Iranian government in mid-August while awaiting US visa clearance to travel to Philadelphia as a visiting scholar at Penn, has been released. He began teaching again at an independent university in Tehran. Dr. Zakerian said, “I hope to always continue my research and teaching in promoting human rights and to protect the national interests of my country which have had a good influence on Islam and in the world.”

UURC Award Recipients
The Undergraduate Urban Research Colloquium (UURC) brings together student/faculty teams who each tackle an urban-focused research project. The teams are awarded $2,000 to support their research. The teams awarded the grants for the Spring 2009 colloquium are:

Eric Schneider (associate director of academic affairs, SAS; adjunct associate professor, history) and Alison Marcus (C’11): American Necropolis: The History of Homicide and Homicide as History

Richard Pepino (adjunct professor, environmental studies, SAS) and Jana Ariel Hirsch(C’10): Heavy Metal Contaminants in Urban Community Gardens

Mary Summers (senior fellow, Fox Leadership Program; lecturer, political science, SAS) and Sheyla Medina (C’10): Lea Lunch and Recess Initiative

Domenic Vitiello (assistant professor, city & regional planning, School of Design) and Ben Dubow (C’10): Community Development in Arab and Muslim Philadelphia

Heather Sharkey (assistant professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, SAS) and Cameron Hu (C’09): Fever Dreams of the Modern—Urban Products and Spatial Politics on the Arabian Gulf

Philippe Bourgois (Richard Perry University Professor of Anthropology and Family and Community Medicine, anthropology, SAS) and George Karandinos (C’09): Income Generating Strategies of Three Social Networks of Puerto Rican Youth

Mary Summers (senior fellow, Fox Leadership Program; lecturer, political science, SAS) and Elise Miller (C’10): Efficacy of Student Volunteers with Internet Access to Assist Clients with Enrollment in Public Benefits Programs at City Health Clinics

Harris Steinberg (president, PennPraxis; adjunct assistant professor, city & regional planning, School of Design,) and Gabriella Blake (C’10): The Role of Public Participation and Civic Engagement in the Creation of Public Art in Philadelphia

A Match Made At Penn
In 2003, the Fox Leadership Program at Penn launched a school-based mentoring program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The program matches Penn undergraduates with elementary- and middle-school students from eight schools and a community center. The program has grown from 30 matches to a projected 450 matches by the end of this school year. The partnership combines traditional mentoring with a structured academic component. The Penn program is the largest campus-based Big Brothers Big Sisters program in the United States. In addition, Penn undergraduates are the local agency’s largest single source of volunteers.

Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania
Penn President Amy Gutmann (center) visited the St. Francis de Sales School late last month to celebrate the 1,000th match of Big Brothers Big Sisters at Penn. She reviewed homework with the landmark pair—English major Colleen Meaney, C’09 (at left), and 4th grader Winette Josma.


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