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Holidays: Penn-Style
November 25, 2008, Volume 55, No. 14
Fabulous Finds for Those Fond of Facts or Fiction

Want a special gift for the book-lovers on your gift list?  Well, there are numerous books hot-off-the-press this year.

The Penn Bookstore has many to choose from—factual and fictional, personal and pictorial, historical and innovative. These are some of the many new books by Penn authors—faculty, staff and alumni. Not only are there books from Penn Press, but there are options from Penn Museum and Wharton School Publishing as well. 

For shoppers who want to preview the selection online, visit www.museum.upenn.edu for the Museum’s collection, www.upenn.edu/pennpress for the Penn Press possibilities, and www.whartonsp.com for Wharton School Publishing.


Lady Killer; Lisa Scottoline, C’76,  L’81. Mary DiNunzio’s high school nemesis, Trish, seeks her help for fear of her boyfriend, an abusive South Philly mobster. When Trish vanishes, Mary makes it her personal mission to find her longtime enemy and works to save her life. Paperback $7.99.


Historic Landmarks of Philadelphia; Roger Moss, retired adjunct professor of architecture; photographs by Tom Crane, The Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Featured are prominent, memorable structures that reflect stages in Philadelphia’s growth. Penn Press. Cloth $34.95.


Growing Greener Cities: Urban Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century; edited by directors of the Penn Institute for Urban Research: Eugenie L. Birch, Lawrence C. Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research and Education, chair of the department of city and regional planning; and Susan M. Wachter, Richard B. Worley Professor of Financial Management and professor of real estate and finance. Overview of the urban green movement, case studies in effective policy implementation, and tools for measuring and managing success. Penn Press. Paper $34.95.




The Maikop Treasure; A. M. Leskov, research associate in the Mediterranean section of the Penn Museum. More than 300 objects ranging in date from the Bronze Age through the Medieval period, currently held in four institutions—the Staatliche Museen, the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Berlin, the Penn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Penn Museum. Hardcover $75.




Thousand ChurchesThe Thousand and One Churches; editors: Robert G. Ousterhout, professor of Byzantine art and architecture, director of the Center for Ancient Studies; and Mark P. C. Jackson, Newcastle University. New edition of original book by archaeologists William M. Ramsay and Gertrude L. Bell, includes more than 250 high-quality digitized images from the Gertrude Bell Archive at Newcastle University (UK), which was a seminal study of the post-Classical monuments of Anatolia. Penn Museum. Hardcover $49.95.


Trading DreamsTrading Dreams at Midnight: A Novel; Diane McKinney-Whetston, CW’75, lecturer, Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing. Multi-generational story about how two young sisters, raised by their stern grandmother in Philadelphia, quickly learn to look after themselves, fiercely reinventing their lives after the disappearance of their mother. Hardcover $24.95.


Turning Learning

Turning Learning Right Side Up:  Putting Education Back on Track; Russell L. Ackoff, Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of Management Science; Daniel Greenberg, founding member of the Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts. Authors draw on the latest scientific research, human wisdom, and their unique lifelong personal experiences transforming institutions that resist change. Wharton School Publishing. Hardcover $29.99.



Black philosoher, White Academy

Black Philosopher, White Academy: The Career of William Fontaine; Bruce Kuklick, Nichols Professor of American History. A biographical sketch of this philosopher, who was the only black member of the Penn faculty, caught up in the issues and the dilemmas of race in the middle of the last century. Penn Press. Cloth $55.



Souls of Poor Folk

The Souls of Poor Folk; Edited by Charles Howard, Chaplain. Companion to a multimedia initiative featuring a documentary and original music compilation available on compact disc that invites readers, listeners, and viewers to journey beyond the veil that hides the scars and blemishes of social problems, such as homelessness and poverty, especially in America. Paperback $19.95.



Righting Feminism

Righting Feminism; Ronnee Schreiber, ASC’84; Author reveals how conservative women’s organizations use feminist oratory to uphold a conservative stance toward issues including abortion, pornography, and violence against women. Hardcover $29.95.



Counter Revolution

Counter-revolution of the Word: The Conservative Attack on Modern Poetry, 1945-1960; Alan Filreis, Kelly Professor of English, director of Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing and faculty director of KWH. Book offers a detailed look at conservative efforts to discredit, if not destroy, the American modernist avant-garde during the Cold War era. Cloth $40.



Sweet land of Liberty

Sweet Land of Liberty: The Forgotten Struggle for Civil Rights in the North; Thomas Sugrue, Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Professor of History and Sociology. Highlights seminal people, books, and organizations in the North that were integral participants in the civil rights movement. Hardcover $35.



Food Security

Food Security in a Global Economy: Veterinary Medicine and Public Health; edited by Gary Smith, Population Biology and Epidemiology; and Alan M. Kelly, Gilbert S. Kahn Dean Emeritus, both from the School of Veterinary Medicine. Provides a comprehensive overview of the issues that form the central challenge for veterinary medicine in the twenty-first century. Penn Press. Paper $24.95.



Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely; Davis Liu, W’93. Which insurance plan is best for you? Is it worth paying more for a brand-name medication rather than generic? How can you get the most out of your visits to the doctor? These questions and more are answered by the author who is a family physician in California. Hardcover $24.95.


Diplomat's WifeThe Diplomat’s Wife; Pam Jenoff, L’01. The sequel to, The Kommandant’s Girl, is filled with love, death, and espionage as it chronicles the post-World War II adventures of Marta Nederman, a Nazi prison-camp survivor and best friend of the earlier book’s heroine. Paperback $13.95.



A Century of Social Work and Social Welfare at Penn; edited by: Ram A. Cnaan, professor, associate dean for research, and chair of the Doctoral Program in Social Welfare; Melissa E. Dichter, doctoral candidate in social welfare; and Jeffrey Draine, associate professor of social work and psychiatry. Penn Press. Cloth $65.




Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure; editors: Rachel Fershleiser, C’02; Larry Smith, ASC’91. Highlights from professional writers and artists include journalist Chuck Klosterman wondering, “Nobody cared, then they did. Why?” Paperback $12.



Opposite of Love

The Opposite of Love; Julie Buxbaum, C’99. Author’s debut novel is a tale of Yale law graduate Emily Haxby, who is eager to break through the emotional and professional ties that bind her. She finds her tight grasp on life and love slowly slipping as it dawns on her that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s emptiness. Hardcover $25.



Possible City

The Possible City: Exercise in Dreaming Philadelphia; Nathaniel Popkin, C’91 GCP’95. It isn’t dreaming that best characterizes Philadelphia but rather doing. Intrinsic to this effort are artists, those whose work transforms and are transformed by the cityscape all around. Paperback $17.95.





Unlocking Opportunities for Growth:  How to Profit from Uncertainty While Limiting Your Risk; Ian C. MacMillan, Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, professor of management, and director of the Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center at Wharton; Alexander B. van Putten, lecturer in Wharton. Authors show how to engineer the risk out of uncertain opportunities so you can pursue more high-payoff innovations. Wharton School Publishing. Hardcover $39.99.




YOU: Being Beautiful: The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty; Mehmet Oz, WG’86 M’86; Michael Roizen, author, lecturer, anesthesiologist and medical internist. A look at the three levels of beauty—looking, feeling, and being beautiful—and explanation of how they all work together to form a complete and authentic YOU. Hardcover $26.99.



Beck diet

The Complete Beck Diet for Life: The Five-Stage Program for Permanent Weight Loss; Judith S. Beck, clinical associate professor in psychology in psychiatry. Provides steps to achieve long-lasting weight loss by combining healthy eating and cognitive therapy. There are no forbidden foods or starvation. Hardcover $24.95



Desi Rap

Desi Rap: South Asian Americans in Hip-Hop; editors: Ajay Nair, associate vice provost for student affairs; Murali Balaji, Penn State University. Exploration of the connection between South Asian Americans and hip-hop as both a sociopolitical/cultural movement and performative identity. This collection of essays interrogates ideas about ownership of culture while asserting the distinctness of South Asian American identity that has come through the use of and influence by hip-hop as a cultural art form. Paperback $21.95..








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