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Speaking Out
November 18, 2008, Volume 55, No. 13

Praising Provost Daniels

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) offers its congratulations to Provost Ronald J. Daniels, who has recently been elected the 14th president of the Johns Hopkins University. Mr. Daniels will begin his new role on March 2, 2009.

As Penn’s chief academic officer since 2005, Provost Daniels has made significant contributions to graduate and professional student education at Penn. During his tenure Provost Daniels has overseen the creation of University-wide family leave and childbirth policies, improved stipend levels for PhD students, and increased financial support for the Penn Graduate Student Center.

In addition to improving graduate and professional student life, Provost Daniels has also increased access to knowledge at Penn. Over the past three and a half years his office has provided increased funding for GAPSA-awarded student conference travel grants, and Provost Daniels himself was instrumental in the creation of the GAPSA-Provost Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation, which provides six three-month student summer research fellowships annually.

He continued to fulfill his commitment to access and the integration of knowledge in 2007 when he successfully spearheaded an effort to completely overhaul the structure of PhD tuition at Penn. This move standardized tuition and fees across the University in an effort to further reduce institutional barriers to interdisciplinary learning.

Most recently, Provost Daniels has overseen significant changes to the rules governing all PhD programs at Penn. These changes will undoubtedly lead to shortened times to degree and improved supervision of all PhD students.

From the day he was first introduced to incoming graduate and professional students in the lobby of the Annenberg Center, to his appearances at GradFest, and the annual dinner he hosted for graduate student leaders in his home just last week, Provost Daniels has shown himself to be atop the most judicious, approachable and sympathetic administrators. His departure will be hard felt by graduate and professional students. The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly plans to continue to build on the successes of the past few years. We’re looking forward to working with Interim Provost Vincent Price, and participating in the upcoming search for Penn’s 29th Provost.

—Andrew Rennekamp, GAPSA Chair


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Almanac - November 18, 2008, Volume 55, No. 13