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Penn Press Collaboration with Dissent Magazine
October 21, 2008, Volume 55, No. 9

The University of Pennsylvania Press announced that it will begin publishing Dissent, with the first issue bearing the Penn Press imprint to appear in January 2009. The venerated quarterly political magazine will join Penn Press’s growing roster of journals in an agreement that will allow Dissent to retain control of its editorial content and mission while drawing upon the Press’s strengths as a dedicated publisher.

Penn Press Director Eric Halpern is confident that the collaboration will be mutually beneficial. “We have developed effective, efficient systems to serve the business, production, print distribution, and electronic syndication needs of our eight journals,” he remarked. “Adding Dissent to the family is in keeping with our goal of reaching a broad community of readers with scholarship and writing that matter.”

First published in 1954, Dissent was founded by writer and critic Irving Howe to “dissent from the bleak atmosphere of conformism that pervades the political and intellectual life of the United States.” In the ensuing decades, Dissent has published the work of some of the most influential journalists and intellectuals in America and Europe, from Norman Mailer and Hannah Arendt, to George Packer and Samantha Power. Current coeditors Michael Walzer and Mitchell Cohen continue to foster the kind of critical debate and penetrating analysis that is too often conspicuously absent from the commercial media.

With more than a century of experience as a nonprofit publisher, Penn Press releases more than 100 new book titles annually in a focused list across the humanities and social sciences. Penn’s President Amy Gutmann, a Dissent author, says that “the joining of Penn Press and Dissent reflects their shared commitment to disseminating work that is influential and innovative, work that addresses the concerns of students, teachers, professionals, and the reading public on a wider scale.”




Almanac - October 21, 2008, Volume 55, No. 9