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Hewlett Award for Innovation in International Offerings—Call for Proposals: November 14
October 7, 2008, Volume 55, No. 7

The University of Pennsylvania established the Hewlett Award for Innovation in International Offerings (formerly the Fund for Innovation in International Offerings) in January 2007, to foster new and creative approaches to the global engagement of undergraduate and graduate/professional students through study, research, and service abroad.

The Hewlett Award supports projects that will enhance international offerings at Penn and provide innovative new models for international student opportunities, including:

• Opportunities for students in major fields not commonly represented in study abroad options

• Opportunities in world areas not commonly represented in study abroad offerings (such as South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Russia)

• Short-term overseas options (e.g. embedded or appended overseas components to on-campus semester courses, summer programs, winter break programs)

• Rigorous active-learning models (service learning, professional internships, field research, and clinical experiences) that allow students to translate knowledge into practice in a global context

• Interdisciplinary offerings focused on global issues

• Introductory international opportunities for first and second year undergraduate students

Successful applicants have included internships in Botswana focusing on HIV’s impact on health, educational, social and economic conditions; clinical training for nurses in Botswana; expansion of the SEAS Global Technology Learning Program; and a new course on international development and design.

Criteria for Review
The Office of the Provost is seeking one to two proposals per school for grants of up to $25,000. Each dean is also invited to include one (1) additional proposal (i.e., a third proposal) that is signed by at least one other dean which represents a cross-school effort. Requests for smaller awards and those leveraging matching funds will be considered favorably. Over $100,000 in grant support is expected to be offered for the upcoming year.

Funds may be used to support student travel grants (max. $2,500 per student) and other expenses directly related to developing and implementing new education abroad programs.  Funds may not be used for student tuition, faculty salaries, support of on-going program costs, purchase of equipment, or attending international conferences. The same project cannot be funded for more than two years.

Proposals must include a tenured or tenure-track Penn faculty member as a leader of the project. Brevity and clarity are appreciated. Please provide a narrative of no more than 500 words, a line-item budget, and a short bio of the faculty member(s) involved.  If cooperating institutions or organizations are critical to the success of the program, a letter of support from any such institution or organization should be attached.

Projects must be undertaken during the spring or summer of 2009.

Proposals will be assessed, taking into consideration a number of issues including:

• Does the proposal include clear linkages to academic degree requirements or courses?

• What is the expected impact of the proposed program in terms of student participation?

• Does the proposal leverage additional resources of the department(s), school(s), alumni,  NGOs, the private sector, or cooperating higher education institution(s)?

Please send proposals to the Office of the Provost, 122 College Hall/6303, by November 14, 2008.



Almanac - October 7, 2008, Volume 55, No. 7