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Penn Humanities Forum Call For Topics: November 7
September 30, 2008 , Volume 55, No. 6

SAS standing faculty members in the humanities and related disciplines are invited to submit proposals for the Penn Humanities Forum’s 2010-2011 topic. All the Forum’s programming for that year will address the theme, which must therefore appeal to postdoctoral, faculty, and student researchers as well as the public. Topics should be broad, interdisciplinary, historically deep, and yet of contemporary intellectual salience. Deadline for 2010-2011 Topic Proposals:  Friday, November 7, 2008.

This is a list of previous topics and their topic director: 

Human Nature (Wendy Steiner)

Sleep & Dreams (Hans Van Dongen)

Style (Wendy Steiner)

Belief (Carol Ann Muller)

Time (Holly Pittman)

Travel (Karen Detlefsen)

The Book (Peter Stallybrass)

Origins (Gary Tomlinson)

Word & Image (Catriona MacLeod & Liliane Weissberg)

The theme for the current year, the Forum’s 10th anniversary, is Change (Peter Struck); in 2009-2010 it will be Connections (Peter Conn).

In proposing a theme, you will be understood to be volunteering to be its Topic Director, collaborating with the Forum Director to select speakers and run the year’s events. The Topic Director receives a stipend.

Proposals should be brief: a description of the topic, an outline of problems and disciplines it encompasses, and a list of potential speakers. Submissions will be reviewed by the PHF Faculty Advisory Board, who have been known to select more than one topic from a given call to the faculty. Accordingly, topics may be submitted for years after 2010-2011, if you so desire.

Send proposals or questions to the Director of the Forum, Wendy Steiner (wsteiner@english.upenn.edu). For technical information, call Jennifer Conway (215) 898-8220, associate director. Information on earlier topics and Forum programs can be accessed at www.phf.upenn.edu/topics.shtml.



Almanac - September 30, 2008, Volume 55, No. 6