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One Step Ahead
September 9, 2008, Volume 55, No. 3

One Step Ahead

Another tip in a series provided by the Offices of Information Systems & Computing and Audit, Compliance & Privacy.

Computrace Best Practices

In recent years, the use of mobile computing devices, including laptop computers, has increased dramatically. Because such devices can easily be lost or stolen—putting both the device itself and data stored on it at risk—there has been a corresponding increase in adoption of security measures. At Penn, one security measure that is commonly used, and in some cases is required, is installation of Computrace software (“Computrace”) on laptops.

Computrace software has two major features. First, it allows authorized individuals to track the location of the laptop (or other mobile computing device) by causing the device to “call in” via the Internet at periodic intervals. With assistance from law enforcement officials, the information “called in” can often be used to find the location of the stolen device. In addition, Computrace offers a feature that can enable remote wiping of sensitive data if a device is lost or stolen. This capability can often protect the privacy of confidential data stored on such devices. 

Best Practices have recently been developed to promote efficient and effective use of Computrace by Penn constituents. These recommendations can be viewed at www.upenn.edu/privacy, click on Computrace Best Practices.


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Almanac - September 9, 2008, Volume 55, No. 3