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BEN Financials Upgrades: Fall 2008 
September 2, 2008, Volume 55, No. 2

BEN Financials and related applications will undergo three separate upgrades this fall. BEN Financials users can expect improved features and functionality. 

What’s changing in BEN Financials?

• Most of the upcoming BEN Financials changes occur with the Internet Procurement module BEN Buys, with particular emphasis on streamlining the non-Penn-Marketplace ordering and checkout processes.

• The Penn Marketplace application will provide new functionality for ordering non-catalog items from Marketplace suppliers and will offer improved search capabilities.

• The imaging and invoice hold resolution system used by BEN Pays will have a new look and feel and provide users with more information on invoices submitted for review. 

Is any training required? 

• To ensure a smooth transition with the changes to BEN Buys and the Penn Marketplace, all existing Requisitioner and PO Manager users will be required to complete a short web-based training course. Detailed information on training can be found on the Financial Training Department website

• Similarly, when the imaging system is upgraded, all PO Managers will be required to complete a short web-based training course.

• No training is required for existing users of the General Ledger and Asset Responsibilities. Users will easily adapt to the changes in the General Ledger and Assets modules. 

How will the upgrades affect BEN Financials availability? 

At present, we anticipate BEN Financials and related applications will be unavailable for up to two business days. We will notify all BEN users well in advance as to when the system will be unavailable and will notify them again when the upgrade is complete and the system is once more available.  

Over the coming weeks, look for detailed information on the BEN Financials upgrades in your e-mail, The Bottom Line, and other Penn media. In the meantime, please direct questions or concerns about the BEN Financials upgrades to askben@lists.upenn.edu.

—Tom Slavinski, Associate Comptroller
—Ralph Maier, Chief Procurement Officer


Almanac - September 2, 2008, Volume 55, No. 2