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Grievance Commission Annual Report
July 15, 2008, Volume 55, No. 1

May 2008

The Grievance Commission of the University of Pennsylvania is an independent committee consisting of three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The Grievance Commission is available to members of the Penn faculty and academic support staff who allege that they have been subject to actions contrary to University procedures, policies, and/or regulations. In AY 2007-2008, the commission was composed of Jennifer Martin (Nursing and Medicine, Past Chair), Joan Goodman (Education, Chair) and Barry Cooperman (Chemistry, Chair-Elect). The Chair-Elect for 2008-2009 is Vivian Seltzer (Emeritus, Social Policy & Practice).

In AY 2007-2008, the Commission was approached by two members of the faculty, both from the Research Faculty of the School of Medicine.  In the first case, a carry over from 2007-2008, discussions with the Chair and the University Ombudsman (John Keene) and negotiations between the Grievant and the School of Medicine led to a mutually acceptable resolution of the matter. 

In the second case, the Grievant’s complaints resulted in a hearing before a panel of three professors nominated by the Faculty Senate. At the hearing, the panel heard testimony from the Grievant and a representative of the School of Medicine, as well as witnesses called by both parties. The hearing panel concluded its deliberations and submitted its report to Provost. The response of the Provost is pending.

The Commission extends its gratitude to the faculty members who participated as hearing officers, as advisor to the Grievant, and as respondent for the Medical School. They were thorough, fair-minded, and deeply conscientious in carrying out their time-consuming commitments.

—Joan F. Goodman, Grievance Commission Chair, 2007-2008


Almanac - July 15, 2008, Volume 55, No. 1