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Free Medical Premiums Drawing: Three Lucky Winners!
May 27, 2008, Volume 54, No. 34

This year, Penn faculty and staff receiving medical coverage through the University had the opportunity to win a fantastic prize: a full year of free medical coverage from the Division of Human Resources. Even better, the only requirement to earn a shot at this prize was to do something that’s a great idea in any case—take a step towards a healthier lifestyle by filling out a free online health risk assessment.

Health risk assessments are simple online questionnaires that provide you with an easy-to-understand, personalized report summarizing your health, and explaining health issues you may be at risk of developing in the future. You can use this report to make positive changes in your lifestyle, and even share it with your physician.

Of the hundreds of faculty and staff who completed health risk assessments this March and April, three lucky winners were selected in a random drawing. Congratulations to these winners, who will have their medical premiums paid in full by the University for an entire year:

•  Autumn Walden, School of Social Policy and Practice

•  Shaneal Warren, Division of Finance

•  Morris Cohen, The Wharton School

In total, 785 members of the Penn community filled out a health risk assessment during the March 1–April 30 eligibility period for the drawing. Each of these individuals has taken an active step towards improving their health and lifestyle. Although only three entrants could receive the prize of free medical coverage, everyone who completed an assessment has done something valuable for their future!

Penn cares about the health of the members of its community. This is the first time that Penn has run a drawing of this kind, which has succeeded admirably in raising awareness of health risk assessments as a free and useful service for eligible faculty and staff members. Remember that while the drawing may be over, these same health risk assessments are still available to all faculty and staff members currently receiving medical coverage through Penn. Whether you are trying to manage an existing health condition, get yourself into shape, or just evaluate the future health risks you may be facing, a health risk assessment is a powerful tool. Visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/Benefits/Medical/HRAOnsiteScreenings.aspx  for details on how to complete yours!

—Division of Human Resources

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Almanac - May 27, 2008, Volume 54, No. 34