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Nursing Teaching Awards
April 29, 2008, Volume 54, No. 31

Dr. Afaf I. Meleis, Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing, announced the recipients of the School of Nursing’s 2008 faculty awards. 

Dean’s Award for Exemplary Teaching


While Dr. Julie Sochalski has been an exemplary teacher for many years, she was selected for the Dean’s Award for her development of a truly exceptional learning and humanitarian experience: a clinical nursing segment of Nursing 371 in Pearlington, Mississippi to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. “It was because of Dr. Sochalski and her innovative vision for a more hands-on, challenging experience for nurses that we were able to participate in such a great program,” said Danielle Klosiewicz, a nursing senior who traveled to Pearlington over the 2008 winter break. Phoebe Askie, another senior who went to Mississippi, added, “Because she believed that trip would be a meaningful one for students, she coordinated the trip, recruited students, and created a curriculum in under seven weeks! This is just another example of how dedicated she is to innovative teaching opportunities.”



Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Scholarly Mentorship


The Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Scholarly Mentorship is awarded to the faculty member who has served as an exceptional mentor to undergraduate students in the introduction and participation of nursing research for a minimum of one semester. This year’s recipient, Dr. Terri Lipman, associate professor of family and community health and a nurse practioner, has worked with four undergraduates since 2003, three of whom are from underrepresented minority groups in nursing. “Dr. Lipman works very closely with her students by supervising them in such a way that they are building their skills and confidence as well as their independence,” her fellow colleagues wrote in their nominating letter.



Award for Teaching Excellence by Non-Standing Faculty


A lecturer who has taught at the School of Nursing for 28 years, Jacqueline Scharff, was nominated by an overwhelming number of faculty, students, and alumni for her dedication, career contributions to teaching, and leadership in the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Advanced Practice Program. As former students noted in the nomination letter, “Her thoughts and influence are enduring. What she has taught does not end after the semester or clinical hours are over, but stays as we personally grow and navigate different challenges in our personal and professional lives.”


Undergraduate Award for Teaching  


This award is given by the association of Student Nurses At Penn (SNAP) and seeks to recognize faculty members who are dynamic, innovative and inspiring to students. A senior lecturer of healthcare ethics, Dr. David Perlman has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality teaching. “He creates a safe environment in which every student feels confident raising their hand,” one student wrote in her nomination letter. “Thanks to Professor Perlman, I am a better advocate for patients in the hospital,” the student continued. “The knowledge that I gained in his fall ’07 course has already been applied in the clinical setting.”   


Barbara J. Lowery DSO Faculty Award


This award is given by the doctoral students to a member of the faculty who has advanced nursing science through exemplary and unwavering doctoral student mentorship. This year, the Doctoral Student Organization selected Dr. Therese S. Richmond, associate professor. Dr. Richmond is renowned for her studies of violence and injury prevention, firearm injury, depression after injury, and seriously injured older adults, and she has provided dedicated mentorship to numerous doctoral students.  In letters of nomination, students wrote, “Dr. Richmond has a unique ability to stimulate curiosity and broaden the depth of my critical thinking… For several of us, she has encouraged and facilitated our collaboration with other experts in the community or across campus in order to broaden our understanding of our science.” Another student added, “Dr. Richmond’s impact on students transcends classroom lecture and encourages self-reflection. She has an exceptional ability to carefully consider a student’s ideas and areas of research interest and seamlessly combines them to inspire innovative questions for discussion and future inquiry.” Dr. Richmond is also the recipient of a Lindback Award this year (Almanac April 15, 2008).

Almanac - April 29, 2008, Volume 54, No. 31