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PPSA General Elections and Meeting: May 22
April 15, 2008, Volume 54, No. 29

The Penn Professional Staff Assembly (PPSA) will hold its annual Spring meeting and elections. The featured speaker will be Penn’s new Dean of Admissions, Eric Furda. The meeting will take place on Thursday, May 22 at noon in the Hall of Flags, Houston Hall. PPSA members are encouraged to attend, to participate, and to vote.

PPSA is a voluntary organization comprised of professional (monthly-exempt) staff members whose positions enhance, facilitate, and serve the teaching, research and service missions of the University of Pennsylvania.

PPSA is pleased to present the following slate of candidates for 2008-2009 board positions: For more information on PPSA, membership, and details about the nominees, go to www.upenn.edu/ppsa.

Candidates for Chair Elect: Choose 1

Laurie McCall, Coordinator, Platt Student Performing Arts House, VPUL

John J. McGarry, Director, Real Estate Brokerage, Facilities and Real Estate Services

Colleen Becht Rotindo, Major Gifts Officer, Development and Alumni Relations, Medicine

Candidates for Member at Large: Choose 4

Rosemary F. Barber, Executive Assistant to the Vice Dean for Administration and Finance, School of Medicine

Jeff Barta, Director, Sales and Marketing, Conference Services, Housing and Conference Services, Division of Business Services

Emily A. Ford, Associate Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, School of Nursing

Aviva Hirschfeld, General Manager of Penn Student Agencies (PSA), VPUL

Gwen Ann Glattes, Director of Audit, Department of Compliance and Privacy, School of Medicine

Aiasha B. Saalim Graham, Acting Director, Publication Services, Division of Business Services

Barbara Hewitt, Senior Associate Director, Office of Career Services, VPUL 

Lee Kramer, Director of Student Life, Wharton Undergraduate Division, The Wharton School

L. Wayles Wilson, Assistant Director, Alumni Council on Admissions, Development and Alumni Relations

—Suzanne Bellan, Chair, PPSA




Almanac - April 15, 2008, Volume 54, No. 29