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Winners of 2008 Awards for Interdisciplinary Innovation
April 8, 2008, Volume 54, No. 28

Provost Ronald Daniels and GAPSA Chair Dan Grabell announced the graduate and professional student recipients of the 2008 Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation.

In spring 2005, a partnership between GAPSA and the Office of the Provost led to the creation of the Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation. The Award program enables graduate and professional students to engage in a project of their own design to explore, research, and act on critical societal issues. Students were selected based on the quality of their application and funding status. Six applicant teams or individuals will receive a $2,000 monthly fellowship from June through August for this work. This funding will be awarded to the project leader in each instance but can be dispersed among project team members.

The GAPSA-Provost’s Award for Interdisciplinary Innovation encourages the collaboration of student scholars from different University departments and/or schools and is jointly funded by GAPSA and the Office of the Provost.

Associate Provost Andrew Binns commented, “We are pleased to be able to co-sponsor these awards as part of our ongoing partnership with GAPSA to provide support to graduate and professional students. Penn students continue to consistently produce outstanding and innovative proposals for interdisciplinary work, and we look forward to seeing the fruit of their projects at the poster session in the fall.”

GAPSA Chair Dan Grabell added, “The GAPSA-Provost Interdisciplinary Awards fill an important gap in summer funding for projects that cross multiple disciplines. I am excited about the range of topics and global impact the winners will have on their field and society as a whole.”

The winning teams and individuals will submit a report at the end of the summer and participate in a poster session in the fall at the Graduate Student Center. That will provide a venue for fellows to present their work, receive feedback from the Penn community, and encourage future interdisciplinary collaborations.

Awards Granted

Project Leader: Itay Greenspan, PhD Candidate, SP2; Project Member: Cassondra Giombetti, PhD Candidate, GSE; How Big Is My Backyard? Donating Time and Money to Environmental Organizations as Reflections of Environmental Concern

Project Leader: Matthew Erie, JD Candidate, Law; The Professionalization of Chinese Attorneys: The Rise of Critical Reasoning in Legal Education

Project Leader: Kristie Thomas, PhD Candidate, SP2; Project Member: Rosemary Frasso-Jaramillo, PhD Candidate, SP2; Patterns of Shelter Use Among Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Analysis of an Integrated Database of Domestic Violence and Emergency Homeless Shelters

Project Leader: Weiyu Zhang, PhD Candidate, Annenberg; Project Member: Dalei Jie, PhD Candidate, SAS; Political Elites, New Media, and Young Citizens: A Comparative Study of China vs. Taiwan

Project Leader: Jordan Pickrell, PhD Candidate, SAS; Borderlands Ethnicity and Call in the 19th Century American West: A Proposal for Archaeology at Boggsville, Colorado

Project Leader: Marc Korczykowski, MS Student, SEAS; 5HR Transporter Gene Quantitative Voxel-Based Morphometry of Hippocampus & Amygdala: A Novel Genomic Neuroimaging Study.




Almanac - April 8, 2008, Volume 54, No. 28