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March 18, 2008, Volume 54, No. 25

Penn Profiler is an annual training needs assessment survey that is expected for all faculty and staff at Penn, in accordance with the President, Provost, and EVP. The brief (5-15 min.) online tool proactively promotes safe work practices in conformance with regulatory requirements and best practices. Penn Profiler identifies training needs and assigns the appropriate courses in Penn’s Knowledge Link learning management system.

Penn Profiler: Rollout Begins in April

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to the Penn community an important new tool for identifying training needs and requirements and assigning appropriate courses on an individual basis. This new web-based application, named Penn Profiler, enables individuals to identify their training needs based on their academic activities and/or job responsibilities by completing a 5-15 minute online survey. The identified courses will then be assigned to the individual. Initially the focus will be on safety and compliance training but the new tool has the potential over time to be used to identify a broad range of training needs and opportunities for the Penn community.

The Penn Profiler, available in early April, provides the following:

• A user-friendly, web-based, self-service application to identify and assign in a timely manner task-appropriate training

• An easily accessible tool to assign training and, in conjunction with Knowledge Link, to manage, maintain, and report training information for use by the research and administrative communities

• A flexible tool to facilitate the University’s ability to meet ever-changing federal and regulatory compliance requirements and demands for accountability

Penn Profiler identifies training needs and appropriate courses (web-based as well as instructor directed) by leveraging Knowledge Link, the University’s learning management system. Training is simplified by clearly presenting faculty and staff with required courses in one place—their individualized Required Training screen of Knowledge Link. See www.uphs.upenn.edu/knowledge_link/ for more information regarding Knowledge Link. Over time as additional courses are added to the current safety and compliance courses, Knowledge Link will continue to serve as a repository for courses, assignments, registrations, and tracking information.

Completing the Penn Profiler survey is mandatory for all full- and part-time Penn faculty and staff including student workers, adjuncts, and temporary employees, and must be completed at least annually (more often if an individual’s job responsibilities change). Implementation of the Penn Profiler will be on a rolling basis across the University and you will receive an e-mail message over the next few months inviting you to complete the survey within 30 days.

To promote safe work practices in conformance with regulatory requirements and best practices, a variety of training opportunities based on job responsibilities have been developed at Penn. Compliance with relevant training is both an ongoing obligation and opportunity for all members of the Penn community. We believe this new, proactive tool will further that goal by identifying and assigning appropriate safety and research compliance training to faculty and staff. If you have any questions, please contact the Penn Profiler Team at PennProfiler@pobox.upenn.edu.


—Amy Gutmann, President

—Ronald Daniels, Provost

—Craig Carnaroli, Executive Vice President

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Almanac - March 18, 2008, Volume 54, No. 25