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New Directions—Disabilities Symposium: April 3
March 4, 2008, Volume 54, No. 24

The Seventh Annual Disabilities Symposium will be held at Houston Hall on Thursday, April 3, 2008. This year’s theme, “New Directions,” will focus on presenting new ideas on a variety of current topics. As in past years, it will provide a forum for exchanging information and experiences with colleagues from many other colleges and universities.

Featured speakers this year include: Rick Lavoie, author and internationally recognized expert on learning disabilities; Judith Heumann, former assistant secretary of the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services at the US Department of Education and life long civil rights advocate; and Arthur Caplan, professor of bioethics and director of the Center for Bioethics at Penn.

The registration deadline is March 27, 2008. Registration fee for the general public is $50, but is waived for participants affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, students, and presenters. Mail registration and payment to: ATTN: Symposium Chair, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, 3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA  19104-6027. For additional information, call (215) 573-9235 or see www.vpul.upenn.edu/lrc/sds/symposium2008.htm.

Almanac - March 4, 2008, Volume 54, No. 24