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University Research Foundation Awards and Conference Support Awards Fall 2007
February 19, 2008, Volume 54, No. 22

In the most recent cycle­—fall 2007—of Penn’s internally-funded University Research Foundation,
and URF Conference Support (noted with *), the Office of the Vice Provost for Research has announced awards to the following members of the University of Pennsylvania faculty for the projects listed below.
The deadline for the spring Research Foundation proposals is March 14, 2008.
See www.upenn.edu/research/FoundationGuidelines.htm for details, application and budget form. 

Hydar Ali, School of Dental Medicine, Pathology; Cross-Regulation of Toll-like Receptor (TLR) and IgE receptor (FcERI) in Mast Cells

Paulo Arratia, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics; Measuring Durotaxis in Microfluidic Devices

Erfei Bi, School of Medicine, Cell & Developmental Biology; Exploring Septin Function in Zebrafish

Aureo De Paula*, School of Arts and Sciences, Economics; Greater New York Metropolitan Area Econometrics Colloquium.

Marija Drndic, School of Arts and Sciences, Physics and Astronomy; Imaging of DNA Molecules Translocating through a Synthetic Nanopore by Complementary Interaction with Fluorescent Nanocrystals

Thomas F. Floyd, School of Medicine, Anesthesiology & Critical Care; Aging & the Cerebral Anemic-Hypoxic Response

Ellis E. Golub, School of Dental Medicine, Biochemistry; Scanning Electron Microscope Upgrade for the School of Dental Medicine

Rita J. Balice-Gordon, School of Medicine, Neuroscience; Role of Astrocyte Secreted Proteins in Inhibitory Synaptogenesis

Yugong Ho, School of Medicine, Genetics; Developmental Coordination of Long-Range Transcriptional Control

Douglas Jerolmack, School of Arts and Sciences, Earth and Environmental Science; Climate Change and the Response of Arctic Rivers in NW Alaska

Kyunghee Koh, School of Medicine, Neuroscience; Characterization of a Novel Gene Required for Sleep in Drosophila

Michael Lampson, School of Arts and Sciences, Biology; Kinase Signaling Networks Controlling Cell Division

Adrienne M. Martin*, School of Arts and Sciences, Philosophy; 2008 Works-in-Progress Workshop on Narrative and the Construction of the Self

Zissimos Mourelatos, School of Medicine, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Function of a Novel Methyltransferase in Mammalian Small Regulatory RNA Pathways

Robert Ousterhout, School of Arts and Sciences, History of Art; A Survey of the Byzantine Settlement in the Soganli Valley (Turkey)

Hermann W. Pfefferkorn, School of Arts and Sciences, Earth and Environmental Science; Paleoecology of 320 Million Years old Floras from Paracas, Peru: A Target of Opportunity

Eve M. Troutt Powell*, School of Arts and Sciences, History; Imperialism and Colonialism in the Modern Middle East: The Present State of Research

Robert Preucel*, School of Arts and Sciences, Anthropology/Linguistics/Education; Endangered Languages: Exploring the Interface between Academia and Native American Communities in the US

James Primosch, School of Arts and Sciences, Music; Recording of Four Musical Compositions

Ayelet Meron Ruscio, School of Arts and Sciences, Psychology; Relationship Between Anxiety and Depression; Mechanisms of Co-morbidity and Specificity

Heather J. Sharkey*, School of Arts and Sciences, Near Eastern Lang. & Civ.; Christian Missions and National Identities: Comparative Studies of Cultural “Conversions” in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and East Asia

Bruce J. Shenker, School of Veterinary Medicine, Pathology; Toxin-dependent Depletion of PIP3 as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Asthma

Gary Smith, School of Veterinary Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health; A Ten Year Cohort Study to Determine Risk Factors for Lyme disease in Chester County, PA

John Tresch*, School of Arts and Sciences, History and Sociology of Science; The Before and After Science Fair

Robert Vitalis, School of Arts and Sciences, Political Science; Race, Empire, and the Origin of American Political Science

Li-San Wang, School of Medicine, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Novel Bioinformatic Approaches for Modeling Age-Correlated Gene Expression Progression

Liliane Weissberg*, School of Arts and Sciences, German; Becoming Modern: The German-Jewish Experience

Petra Werner, School of Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Studies; Use of a Canine Model to Study the Molecular Pathogens of Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Almanac - February 19, 2008, Volume 54, No. 22