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December 4, 2007, Volume 54, No. 14

The following is published in accordance with the Faculty Senate Rules.
Among other purposes, the publication of SEC actions is intended to stimulate discussion
among the constituencies and their representatives. Please communicate your comments
to Sue White, executive assistant to the Senate Office, either by telephone at
(215) 898-6943, or by e-mail at

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Actions
Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Faculty conversation concerning the search for a Dean of Admissions.  Robin Mamlet, senior consultant with Witt/Kieffer, currently working with the University of Pennsylvania Advisory Committee on the search for the Dean of Admissions joined the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (SEC).  She engaged SEC in a robust discussion concerning attributes the faculty would like in a Dean of Admissions candidate:  familiarity with the McGill Report, sensitivity to LGBT concerns, admission of a more creative and imaginative student body, improvement of the economic diversity of students, willingness to listen, question existing paradigms, and engage with faculty. 

Chair’s Report.  Faculty Senate Chair Larry Gladney reported that all of the senate committees are busy working on their charges and that the Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty (SCESF) has received salary data.  SCESF has asked for minor changes and will be working hard to release a report as soon as possible. 

Past Chair’s Report.  Faculty Senate Past Chair Neville Strumpf gave an overview to the Executive Committee on the work of the Academic Planning and Budget Committee.  Dr. Strumpf reported that a Minority Equity Report will be released soon and that there have been some organizational and clarity revisions on a policy concerning Postdoctoral Trainees.  Associate Provost for Education, Andy Binns reported on the National Research Council (NRC) Report that will be ranking graduate programs. 

Senate Nominating Committee.  SEC voted to select the Chair of the 2007-2008 Nominating Committee.

What does it mean to be a faculty member at a research university in the 21st century?  Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, Vincent Price and Associate Provost for Education and Student Life, Andy Binns facilitated a conversation with SEC concerning the role of faculty in the past, present and future.  Various themes emerged:  the increasing role of non-tenured faculty, the increasing dependence on external funding, growth of institutional scrutiny, increasing assessment and compliance by external agencies, changes in social and political traditions, and the growth of international students.  Questions focused on:  intellectual property rights, procedures and accessibility of faculty teaching evaluation information, globalization, the role of non-standing faculty, time pressures, funding organizations driving the university, diversity of the faculty, and how to promote and reward service from the faculty.   

New Business.  Assistant Professor Katherine Sender asked SEC for reactions and feedback on posting faculty course syllabi online.  After some discussion, Faculty Senate Chair Larry Gladney asked SEC to table the discussion until the Senate Committee on Students and Educational Policy has a chance to examine intellectual property rights, one of their charges for this year.

Almanac - December 4, 2007, Volume 54, No. 14