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2007 Employee Resource Fair
December 4, 2007, Volume 54, No. 14

The PPSA and WPSA would like to thank all of the University departments and partners who participated in the Employee Resource Fair on October 15, 2007.  Special thanks to the Office of the Executive Vice President and the Department of Human Resources for co-sponsoring the event and Dining Services/Perelman Quad Catering for providing food and beverages.

The Division of Human Resources and the Division of Business Services, including the Penn Bookstore, PennCard Center, Penne restaurant, Penn Computer Connection, and PNC Bank, graciously donated our raffle prizes this year.  There were 11 raffle winners at the Fair, listed below.

Recipient Raffle Prize
Valarie Gant & Troy Majnerick $25 Penn Bookstore gift certificates
Maritza Santiago-Torres $50 Penn Cash
Martha Williams $50 Penne Restaurant gift certificate
Mark Wehrle Aetna tote bag (donated by Human Resources)
Yuling Liang Independence Blue Cross tote bag and umbrella (donated by Human Resources)
Rosemary Barber iPod Nano (donated by Penn Computer Connection)
Jasmine Dong Learning & Education course gift certificate (donated by Human Resources)
Stefanie Cross Portable DVD Player (donated by PNC Bank)
Julie McWilliams TIAA-CREF tote and fleece blanket (donated by Human Resources)
Debra Doll Vanguard gift basket (donated by Human Resources)

The PPSA and WPSA aim to make the Employee Resource Fair better every year and appreciate the staff who are able to attend.  If you attended the Penn Employee Resource Fair on October 15,  please take a minute to fill out the online survey located at  www.upenn.edu/ppsa.  All participants are eligible for one of four raffle prizes!

—PPSA and WPSA Board Members

Almanac - December 4, 2007, Volume 54, No. 14