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Snow Day Child Care
November 13, 2007, Volume 54, No. 12

It’s been a beautiful fall, but you knew it couldn’t last forever. That chill in the air means that winter is on its way, and winter means the possibility of lousy weather. If you have young children, now’s a good time to think about registering for Penn’s Snow Day Child Care program. This service, available to Penn faculty and staff members with children from 12 weeks to 12 years of age, provides child care whenever the Philadelphia County Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather but Penn is open for business. Children who attend school in other districts are also welcome on days that Philadelphia public schools are closed.

Snow Day Child Care will be available weekdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m from December 10, 2007 through March 28, 2008. Child care is provided by the Penn Children’s Center at the Left Bank Commons, Suite 100, 3160 Chestnut Street.

Children must be pre-registered in order to participate. Please note that forms will not be accepted on the day that care is needed. For more information about enrollment and the program, visit www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/worklife/snowday.asp or contact Human Resources at (215) 898-5116 or suzsmith@hr.upenn.edu.

—Division of Human Resources


Almanac - November 13, 2007, Volume 54, No. 12