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Health-Related Partnerships
October 30, 2007, Volume 54, No. 10

Penn is seeking the names and contact information for developing country institutions that might be interested in establishing health-related, in-depth, high-level, university-wide partnerships. The aim in this endeavor is for faculty from multiple Penn schools to work together with faculty from the partner institution to identify and then address important health issues or problems in the partner institution’s local region. Penn’s long-term goal is to make a substantive difference in one or more health areas per partner institution. It is quite possible that these health problems will differ from one institution/partnership to another.

Individuals experienced in working with one or more institutions in developing countries who know of an institution that could serve as a worthy partner and might be interested in leading Penn’s component of an international partnership with that institution should contact Dr. Brian L. Strom, at bstrom@mail.med.upenn.edu. Please include a brief description of Penn’s involvement in the prior or ongoing activities with the proposed institution. Suggestions for potential partners should be sent by Friday, November 16, if possible.

—Brian L. Strom,
Senior Advisor to the Provost for Penn’s Global Health Initiatives


Almanac - October 30, 2007, Volume 54, No. 10