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NanoDay Opportunities: Awards for Creativity on a Very Small Scale
October 2, 2007, Volume 54, No. 6

On Wednesday, October 24, Penn’s Nano Bio Interface Center (NBIC) will celebrate the 3rd Annual NanoDay @ Penn. Part of the education and outreach for NanoDay @ Penn features the work of creative Penn students across the entire campus. The following award opportunities are currently accepting applications. A cash prize of $100 is associated with each award and competitions are open to all students across the University. Awards will be given during a ceremony on October 24 at 4 p.m. Please see www.nanotech.upenn.edu for all the day’s events for NanoDay @ Penn 2007. Deadline for all entries is October 12, 2007. Send to jmcgon@seas.upenn.edu.

NBIC Multimedia Award–Each year, a multimedia presentation on nanoscale research and applications of nanotechnology is exhibited during the NanoDay @ Penn events. Award winners will have their imagery displayed at this presentation. The award has two categories, (1) aesthetic and (2) scientific. Entries are judged on creative aesthetic implementation, effective educational approach, and/or significant research results.

NBIC Exhibit/Demo Award–The 1st floor of the Towne Building is filled with exhibit-like presentations and demonstrations of nanoscale phenomena or technologies during NanoDay @ Penn events. NBIC research groups and others are encouraged to create an exhibit about their research. This award will go to the most interesting and descriptive exhibit/demonstration that explains nanoscale phenomena or applications to a general audience.

NBIC Research Poster Award–Graduate students have the opportunity to present their latest research results at a poster session during NanoDay @ Penn. An award will be presented to the poster showing innovative research, a well-designed experimental approach, validity of conclusions, impact of results, or the technical aspects of the presentation. The poster session is at 2 p.m. on October 24.

Almanac - October 2, 2007, Volume 54, No. 6