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Human Resources: Upcoming Programs
September 4, 2007, Volume 54, No. 2

Professional & Personal Development

Take advantage of the many development opportunities provided by Human Resources! You can pre-register for programs by visiting the online Course Catalog at www.hr.upenn.edu (click on Course Catalog at the top of the page), or contact Learning and Education at (215) 898-3400.

Brown Bag Matinee–Corporate Legends and Lore; September 12; noon to 1 p.m.; free. No matter what its size, specialty, or scope, every organization has its own unique legends and lore that become part of the very fabric of its identity. These corporate stories have tremendous power to increase productivity, implement change, and motivate employees. When well-timed and skillfully told, one story can accomplish more than a thousand memos. Find out how you can tell “hero,” “survivor,” “letting off steam,” and “kick in the pants” stories that motivate others and build personal influence.

Career Focus Brown Bag–Mentors@Penn Information Session; September 26; noon to 1 p.m.; free. Mentoring provides many benefits and opportunities, whether you are a mentor or mentee. Through a mentoring relationship, you can learn and grow, increase your own job satisfaction, and focus on your professional and career goals. At this session, you will learn more about the program and find out how to apply.

Career Focus Brown Bag–Career Check-up Workshop; September 27; noon to 1 p.m.; free.Once a year, take time out to evaluate your current job situation. Are you doing as well as you can or is there room for improvement? Are your skills current or is it time for some training and new skill development? Do you continue to find satisfaction and challenge in your job?  This workshop will give participants the opportunity to assess their current situation and develop a plan for moving forward.

Career & Life Strategies for Baby Boomers

Career and Life Strategies for Baby Boomers includes monthly lunchtime sessions on topics generally relevant to Penn staff within 2-10 years of retirement. All sessions are free; however, registration is required. For more information or to register, visit the online Course Catalog at www.hr.upenn.edu (click on Course Catalog at the top of the page) or call (215) 898-3400.

Aging in Good Health; September 20; noon to 1:30 p.m.; free. What do science and medicine tell us about healthy aging? How can we apply that research to our own lives? What about exercise? And how important are genetics?  Kathryn Jedrziewski of Penn's Institute on Aging will share insights and provide tips on what we can do now to promote our own health and physical wellbeing into our older years.

Fall into Walking

Cooler temperatures. Lower humidity. As the summer winds down and fall begins, we’ll no longer be chained to our air conditioners seeking relief from the heat. Outdoors will be the place to be! So it’s the perfect time for you to join the Penn Walking Program, if you haven’t already. 

Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve your health, and you can incorporate walking into your daily routine in any number of ways. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park a little farther from the entrance to the grocery store. Go for a stroll around Penn’s campus on your lunch break. Even though it might not seem like much, those steps add up! You’ll be able to see just how much when you track your steps using the pedometer you’ll receive when you join the Penn Walking Program.  For more information about the program, visit www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/wellness/walking.asp or contact Human Resources at (215) 898-5116 or suzsmith@hr.upenn.edu. 

The Walking Program is structured in 12-week sessions to give you milestones that will help keep you motivated, but you can start participating at any time.  The fall session began on September 3, so sign up now–just in time to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather that’s soon to come!

*   *   *   *   *   *

Nearly 75,000 miles. That’s more than three times the earth’s circumference, and it’s also the distance Penn faculty and staff walked during this spring’s pilot Penn Walking Program!

—Division of Human Resources

Almanac - September 4, 2007, Volume 54, No. 2