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Business Services: Promotions and Realignment
July 17, 2007, Volume 54, No. 1

Marie Witt, Vice President of Penn’s Business Services Division, announced that three executives have been promoted to expanded roles within the division.  Along with these promotions comes a realignment of some of the division’s 20 departments.  These changes took effect on July 1.

Christopher Bradie: Associate Vice President

Christopher Bradie

Christopher Bradie, executive director of Business Services, was promoted to Associate Vice President, Business Services. With more than 15 years of service to the University,  Mr. Bradie has been at the helm of several major Penn initiatives, associated with contract negotiation, marketing and business development.  In his new role, Mr. Bradie will continue to work on strategic planning, organizational development and managing key relationships with external business partners.  In addition to his current responsibilities for the Penn Bookstore, Computer Connection, Marketing, Communications and Information Technology for the division, Mr. Bradie will now have executive oversight of the PennCard Center.  Marlayne Dundovich will continue to serve as director of the PennCard Center, reporting to Mr. Bradie.


Douglas Berger: Executive Director

Douglas Berger

Douglas Berger, who has served as director of Housing and Conference Services since 1998, was promoted to Executive Director, Business Services.  Under Mr. Berger’s leadership, Penn has seen the refurbishing of several residential buildings, including the multi-million dollar renovation of two high rises.  He has also overseen huge growth in the type and number of conferences hosted on campus and several initiatives that improve the quality of life for students.  In addition to overseeing his current portfolio of Housing, Conference Services and Off-Campus Living, Mr. Berger will assume responsibility for Dining Services and the University Club.  Laurie Cousart, director of Business Services, will continue to direct these two operations, reporting to Mr. Berger. 


Ralph Maier: Chief Procurement Officer

Ralph Maier

Ralph Maier, director of Purchasing, was promoted to Chief Procurement Officer. Mr.  Maier joined Penn’s Purchasing Department in 1983 and was promoted to director in 2005. Mr. Maier and his team are often the benchmark for procurement in higher education and their strategic sourcing initiatives save the campus millions of dollars each year.  In addition to his responsibilities for Purchasing and Publication Services, he will now have executive oversight of Mail Services. Janet Wetheril will continue in her role as associate director of Mail Services, reporting to Mr. Maier.

“The work of these senior administrators has contributed greatly to our division’s success over the past several years,” said Ms. Witt.  “I am confident that their enhanced roles and our new division alignment will produce exciting initiatives, supporting our vision to set the standard for our services in higher education.” 



Almanac - July 17, 2007, Volume 54, No. 1