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Honors & Other Things
May 8, 2007, Volume 53, No. 33

  • Two American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows
  • Dr. Barr: Biomedical Research Award
  • President-Emeritus Meyerson: Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Professor Lerner: Bellow Scholar
  • Penn IUR Urban Leadership Award
  • Dr. Oslin: Director of MIRECC
  • Six More Penn-made Presidents
  • AICP Student Project Award
  • Penn: Top Green Power-Purchaser
  • Two American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows

    Two Penn School of Medicine faculty members have been named Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. They are: Dr. Aaron T. Beck, University Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry - one of this year's Honorary Degree recipients - and Dr. Haig H. Kazazian, Jr., Seymour Gray Professor of Molecular Medicine in Genetics. Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an independent policy research center that conducts multidisciplinary studies of complex and emerging problems. The Academy's elected members are leaders in the academic disciplines, the arts, business, and public affairs.

    Dr. Barr:  Biomedical Research Award

    Dr. Frederick G. Barr, associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, has been selected to receive a Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award for his work on the “Role of Overexpressed MicroRNAs in the Pediatric Cancer Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.” The Hartwell Award provides funding to individual researchers at eligible research institutions in the U.S. and offers support to each investigator for three years at $100,00 direct cost per year. The Hartwell Foundation provides financial support “to stimulate discovery in early-stage biomedical reseach that it hopes will benefit children.”

    President-Emeritus Meyerson: Lifetime Achievement Award

    Martin Meyerson

    Penn President Emeritus Martin Meyerson was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Planning Association. He received the award on April 17 as part of the 99th National Planning Conference in Philadelphia. The award recognizes and honors his 60 years of work in city and regional planning. Amongst his other honors, he is the first city planner to head two research universities (University of California–Berkeley and Penn), has held advisory positions worldwide on metropolitan development, and has a Penn building bearing his name—Meyerson Hall.


    Professor Lerner: Bellow Scholar

    Professor Alan Lerner, practice professor of law, was named a Bellow Scholar by the Committee on Lawyering in the Public Interest of the Association of American Law Schools for his (and colleagues’) submission, “Identifying the Red Flags of Child Neglet to Facilitate Evidence-Based Focused Responses.” The Bellow Scholars Program is designed to honor the work of activist lawyer Gary Bellow, and to focus on innovative anti-poverty or access to justice projects that encourage collaboration and empirical analysis.

    Penn IUR Urban Leadership Award

    Each year the Penn IUR Urban Leadership Award Forum honors public servants who have excelled in a particular area of urban leadership. This year the focus was urban design and sustainability, and Mayor Joseph Riley of Charleston, SC, and Michael DiBerardinis, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Conservation and Natural Resources, were honored.

    Dr. Oslin: Director of MIRECC

    David Oslin

    Dr. David Oslin, associate professor of psychiatry, School of Medicine, has been appointed the new director of the Mental Illness, Research Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC) of the VA’s Stars & Stripes Network. The MIRECC, which is a VA Center of Excellence, focuses on improving treatment of veterans with psychiatric disorders and comorbid substance abuse and/or medical disorders.

    Six More Penn-made Presidents

    The following five Penn-made Presidents received their executive doctorates in higher education management from Penn GSE: Dr. Paul Hennigan, GSE ’05, president of Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA; Dr. Dan Martin, GSE ’06, president of Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Mount Vernon, OH; Dr. Michele Perkins, GSE ’07, interim president of New England College, Henniker, NH; Dr. Tim Ryan, GSE ’03, president of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY; Dr. Jo Ann Rooney, GSE ’05, president of Spalding University, Louisville, KY.

    Also, Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, who received his Ph.D. in demography and regional science from Penn in 1993, is president of the University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia,West Africa.

    For a list of many other Penn-made presidents, visit www.upenn.edu/almanac/v47/n22/presidents.html.

    AICP Student Project Award

    Ten students and lecturer Janes Kise in the department of city and regional planning, were awarded the American Institute of Certified Planners’ Student Project Award in the applied research category for their project, “Changing of the Guard: A New Vision for Fort Monmouth.” The team members are: Peilin Chen, Yiun Lin Chong, Nicole M. Clare, Thomas Hastings, Geoffrey W. Long, Elizabeth Ann McQueen, Michael Smart, Julia A. Taylor, Jocelyn Torio, Melinda G. Watts. Fort Monmouth was one of the military bases closed by the U.S. Department of Defense in fall 2005. The project includes plans with “recommendations for environmental and historic preservation, the creation of vibrant live-work-play centers for each host community, and important social and transportation connections between the new development and the region.”

    Penn: Top Green Power-Purchaser

    Penn’s purchasing of green power has earned it a top honor as the Ivy League Conference Champion of the EPA’s College and University Green Power Challenge for 2006-2007. The Ivy League Conference won top honors nationwide, and Penn lead the conference. The competition is part of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, which encourages organizations such as Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, government institutions, and colleges and universities to buy green power and reduce the environmental detriment due to the use of fossil fuels.

    Exceptional Commitment to Graduate & Professional Student Life

    Graduate and Professional students Cay Bradley, GSE/SP2, Scott Brodsky, SAS/Fels, Lela Jacobsohn, ASC, Kevin Jude, SAS/Chemistry, and Joung Lee, SAS/Fels, all of whom have completed their degrees in 2007, were awarded the President and Provost’s Citation for Exceptional Commitment to Graduate and Professional Student Life. The award is presented to graduate or professional students who have been catalysts for transformative and lasting new developments that have enhanced graduate and professional student life at Penn. A reception to honor the student leaders will be held on May 9, from 4:30-6 p.m. in the Graduate Student Center Common Room. All members of the University community are invited to attend.

    Wharton Business Plan Winners

    The student team NP Solutions won the $20,000 grand prize as part of activities at the annual Wharton Venture Finals on April 24. The team developed RejuvaDisc™, an injectable hydrogel treatment to alleviate back pain. The winning innovation is awarded for being less invasive and more effective, with fewer side effects than existing treatments. The second-place prize went to Nantronics, the first flash memory company based in China with the advantage of providing a low cost higher performance product for a growing segment of the electronics space. Third place went to Energetica for its efficient and cost-saving biogas processing model. The teams claimed over $70,000 in combined cash and in-kind prizes. For more on the WBPC winners see www.bpc.wharton.upenn.edu.

    Penn Alexander: Environmental Award

    Penn Alexander School
    Penn Alexander students in their 4.3-acre ‘outdoor classroom’ learn about their environment.

    The Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander University of Pennsylvania Partnership School has been awarded the Environmental Community Service award. As part of the award, the school will receive a $5,000 grant to further its studies in the competition’s theme, “Connection to the Community.” Penn Alexander won the middle-school region-wide competition with 45 schools in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with their project to restore the grounds around the school on a 4.3-acre urban arboretum. The school has worked to create an outdoor classroom to study storm water management, as well as provide a resource to the their West Philadelphia neighborhood.

    Penn Alexander School
    The 2007 Ivy Stone was designed by Di Hu, C ’07. Made of granite, the stone will be located on the southside of College Hall, near the entrance to the Admissions Office. A photographic archive of Ivy Stones from 1873 to 2004 is online at www.library.upenn.edu/exhibits/pennhistory/ivystones/ivystones.html.

    Ivy Day Award Recipients

    Senior Honor Awards

    Althea K. Hottel Award:  Catherine C. Mark, W ’07
    Gaylord P. Harnwell Award:   Kate E. Liberman, C ’07
    David R. Goddard Award:   Caroline G. Gammill, C ’07
    R. Jean Brownlee Award:    Alexis Ruby Howe, C ’07
    Spoon Award:   Andrew T. Kaplan, W ’07
    Bowl Award:   Zachary W. Coopersmith, W ’07
    Cane Award:   Stefon Q. Burns, W ’07
    Spade Award:   Ezra L. Billinkoff, C ’07

    Leadership Awards

    Association of Alumnae Fathers’ Trophy:   Elizabeth Schlossberg, C ’07
    Class of 1915 Award:   Stephen D. Danley, C ’07
    James Howard Weiss Memorial Award:   Elaine C. Khoong, W ’07, Eng ’07
    Penn Student Agencies Award:   An My Nguyen, Eng ’07
    Penn Alumni Student Awards of Merit:
                      Veyom Bahl, C ’07 
                      Tamara B. Bockow, C ’07 
                      Max J. Dubin, C ’07
                      Stephen J. Goldstein, W ’07
                      Shannon Hedvat, Eng ’07
    James Brister Society Student Leadership Award:   Kristal Elliston, C ’07
    Association of Latino Alumni Student Award:  Raimundo J. Guerra, W ’07
    Association of Native Alumni Award:   Elaine A. Bretschneider, C ’07
    Black Alumni Society Student Award:   Ewurama E. Sackey, C ’07
    University of Pennsylvania Asian Alumni Network Award:  Elaine C. Khoong, W ’07, Eng ’07
    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alumni Association Award:  Alexis Ruby Howe, C ’07
    Trustees’ Council of Penn Women Leadership Award:  Katie E. Burkhart, C ’07
    William A. Levi Kite & Key Society Award for Service & Scholarship:   Shannon Hedvat, Eng ’07
    Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Awards:
                      Elaine A. Bretschneider, C ’07
                      Brendan O. Darrow, C ’07
                      Dominique C. De Armond, C ’07
                      Ann L. Knuckles, W ’07
                      Sara N. Strickland, C ’07

    Model Supervisor Award Winner

    At the recent Models of Excellence Awards Ceremony, President Amy Gutmann announced the 2007 Model Supervisor Award Winner and Finalists. As the Model Supervisor, Rosemary Lombardi receives a symbol of appreciation and a $500 cash award. Joann Desiderio and Pamela Lampitt, the finalists, also receive a symbol of appreciation and a $250 cash award. For information about the Models of Excellence Program, see  www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/models/default.asp.

    Rosemary Lombardi, is the head nursing supervisor for the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital, School of Veterinary Medicine. She supervises 20 nurses and five nursing assistants and helps mentor new supervisors in the nursing department. At the Intensive Care Unit, she is responsible for scheduling and managing operations that run 24/7. “No words can describe the amazing contribution that Rosemary Lombardi has given to VHUP in her 16 years of service. She has a gift to lead that can’t be matched by any other person on staff.” “She helps her staff not only realize their goals, but to achieve them as well. She mentors us through personal and professional challenges. She teaches us so that we understand.” “She demands high quality and hard work and at the same time inspires pride and a sense of accomplishment amongst her staff.” “Her soft quiet voice and manner fills our hearts with compassion and trust….But make no mistake that soft quiet voice and manner are a power house that reaches the very soul of the many egos that dwell within a hospital environment.”

    Model Supervisor Finalists

    Joann Desiderio is the director of delivery and operations, Wharton Executive Education, the Wharton School. She is responsible for 34 staff members, 18 as direct reports. Together, they implement some 225 executive education programs involving around 8,000 participants a year. “[She] treats everyone with respect, grace and intelligence. She handles difficult situations with diplomacy, integrity and optimism.”

    Pamela Lampitt, general manager, Conference Services, Business Services Division. She supervises six staff members and during the summer, oversees an additional six full-time staff and 40 students. “Pam has a talent for motivating members of her staff to perform at their best. She is supportive and instills a team spirit with authenticity and verve.”

    Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

    Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students
    From left to right: Ricardo Howell, Daniella Fera, Asher Auel, Agnieszka Marczyk, Gregory Cooper, Efstratios Minakakis, Associate Provost Andrew Binns, Constantine Nakassis, Kerry Wallach, Roberto Salguero Gomez, Rory Kramer and Dan Harris-McCoy.

    The Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students was established in 2000 to recognize excellence in teaching by graduate students from across the University. There are many other graduate student teaching awards given by the individual schools at Penn, but this is the only one that is University-wide. Unlike so many other teaching awards where faculty nominate the graduate student, this award is based on nominations that come from the undergraduates. They are asked “who was your best TA?” A reception was held April 30 at the Graduate Student Center. This year more than 268 undergraduates responded recommending 188 TAs, some with a few short sentences, some with long, glowing accounts.

    The 2007 awardees are: 

    Ricardo Howell, history
    Daniella Fera, chemistry
    Asher Auel, mathematics
    Agnieszka Marczyk, history
    Gregory Cooper, law
    Efstratios Minakakis, music
    Constantine Nakassis, anthropology
    Kerry Wallach, German
    Roberto Salguero Gomez, biology
    Rory Kramer, sociology
    Dan Harris-McCoy, classics

    Vittorini Prizes

    The Vittorini Fund was established in honor of the memory of Professor Domenico Vittorini, a long-time member on the faculty of the department of Romance Languages faculty, to offer prizes for outstanding achievement in Italian course work at Penn. The prizes are intended to encourage undergraduates students in the pursuit of majors and minors, and perhaps even careers, centering in Italian culture.

    Two prizes are awarded for excellence in the first year of study of the Italian language both  for  outstanding achievement in ITAL 112–Accelerated Elementary Italian: Franky Lee, Senior, Finance; Ethan Levine, Sophomore, Linguistics.

    A prize is awarded for excellence in the second year of the study of Italian language to:  Paul Lehair, Exchange Student.

    A prize is awarded to the student who has demonstrated the most significant achievement in advanced Italian courses to: Samantha Shiells, Senior, Economics, receives the prize for her outstanding achievement in course ITAL 208–Business Italian and ITAL 210–Italia Viva Voce.

    Two prizes are awarded and an honorable mention is given for the best essay written during the academic year for an Italian literature or an Italian cinema course, whether in Italian or in English to: Michelle Marcus, Senior, Psychology for her paper on Fellini’s Notti di Cabiria in ITAL 080–Introduction to Italian Cinema course; Mia Lukic, Junior, Italian Studies for her essay on Trieste’s Invisible Cities in ITAL 380–Visible Cities course. Stephen Pezzi, Sophomore, PPE–Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, receives honorable mention for his paper on Fellini’s  La dolce vita in ITAL 080–Introduction to Italian Cinema.

    Dr. Dinges: NASA Medal

    David Dinges

    Dr. David Dinges, professor of psychology in psychiatry and chief of the Division of Sleep and Chronobiology, received the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal (non-Government personnel). According to NASA, this award is, “The highest honor NASA awards to anyone who was not a Government employee when the service was performed. The award is granted only to individuals whose distinguished accomplishments contributed substantially to the NASA mission. The contribution must be so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate.”

    Almanac - May 8, 2007, Volume 53, No. 33