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An Open Invitation to the Models of Excellence Award Ceremony
April 10, 2007, Volume 53, No. 29

The Models of Excellence Award Ceremony will be held on Thursday, April 19, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Annenberg Center, followed by a reception in honor of our awardees. This event, open to all faculty and staff, offers an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate and recognize staff member and supervisory contributions to Penn’s success. Hear about inspiring staff member achievements, be there for the announcement of the 2007 Model Supervisor, and meet the individuals whose creativity, initiative, and leadership made these achievements possible.  

 We hope you’ll attend and encourage others in your organization to attend as well!  A full audience shows our support for this program and staff member contributions to Penn.  Please RSVP to Human Resources at zebley@hr.upenn.edu or (215) 898-1012. For more information about the Models of Excellence program, visit the Human Resources website at www.hr.upenn.edu/quality/models/default.asp

—Division of Human Resources


Almanac - April 10, 2007, Volume 53, No. 29