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Introducing…Ending the Wait for Reimbursement Checks…Beginning of Transparency and Convenience!
January 30, 2007, Volume 53, No. 20

The much-anticipated process enhancements necessary to streamline reimbursements for travel, entertainment and other eligible out-of-pocket expenses have been implemented, making it possible to offer the Penn community:

• Direct Deposit for Reimbursements

Faculty, staff and student workers who have signed up for payroll direct deposit will have their reimbursements automatically deposited into their accounts. This effectively puts an end to the wasted time and hassles of tracking down paper checks, check-cashing and making deposits. Instead, for those who have enrolled in direct deposit, funds are conveniently transferred directly from the University’s bank to the recipient’s designated account and are immediately available.

• Reimbursement Information Online

This capability introduces transparency and self-service to the reimbursement process. A new “My Reimbursements” website has been created under “U@Penn”, allowing you to view your reimbursement information online 24/7, at your convenience. This makes paper statements for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) reimbursements unnecessary; only those without direct deposit will continue to receive a paper check.

These achievements are important milestones in a university-wide “Procure-to-Pay” process enhancement to make financial activities more accessible and transparent, and to make it easier for the University community to conduct business.

Q: How do I access “My Reimbursements” website?

A: To access the secure website, go to www.upenn.edu/u@penn, select “My Reimbursements” in the “Payroll and Tax” section, and log in using your PennKey and password. For privacy reasons, U@Penn access to reimbursement information is limited to the payee.

Q: What will “My Reimbursements” website do for me?

A: “My Reimbursements” provides an electronic payment record and allows you to view your reimbursements online at your convenience, without having to rely on your business officer or administrative assistant. Faculty, staff, and student workers are able to log in at any time to see if a reimbursement request has been processed and a check issued or funds deposited. The reimbursement screen displays the payment information illustrated here; additional payment details, especially if multiple transactions are involved, can be found by simply clicking on the reference number:






Bank Name


Bank Routing #


Payment site

















(or OFFICE for checks)

Q: Why should I enroll in Direct Deposit?

A: Simply put, direct deposit reduces the wait time between the processing of your reimbursement and the funds being available in your account–twice weekly Accounts Payable and the Travel Office send a payment file to the University’s bank, and the bank, in turn, transfers the funds into your account. It eliminates the time required for a paper check to reach you via U.S. or intramural mail, the time you spend depositing or cashing a check, and the time for a check to clear before you can access the funds. It also eliminates the time and inconvenience of stopping payment on lost or missing checks, and the need to re-issue checks.

If you are not yet enjoying the benefits of direct deposit, enrollment is quick and easy. A Direct Deposit form, together with instructions, is available in the “Payroll” section of the Financial Forms web page at www.finance.upenn.edu/comptroller/forms/ or by calling (215) 898-7256.

Should you have any questions about either direct deposit or the “My Reimbursements” website, please contact your business administrator. More in-depth information for Penn’s business community may also be found in the December 2006 issue of The Bottom Line, available on the financial training website at www.finance.upenn.edu/ftd/bline.shtml.

—Robin Beck, Vice President, Information Systems and Computing

—Scott Douglass, Vice President, Finance, and Treasurer

Almanac - January 30, 2007, Volume 53, No. 20