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Penn Dining: Eliminating Trans Fats
January 30, 2007, Volume 53, No. 20

Penn Dining has converted to a zero grams trans fat fryer oil (defined by the FDA as 0.5 grams per serving or less) in all of its dining locations on campus. The decision was in response to research, conducted by ARAMARK, Penn’s dining provider, that shows consumers are more concerned than ever with their intake of trans fats.

Penn Dining worked with suppliers, dietitians and chefs to identify a product that provides the same great taste consumers enjoy in a non-hydrogenated corn and sunflower oil containing zero grams of trans fats. 

“Penn Dining is committed to providing a wide range of choices to help our customers manage their consumption of trans fats and saturated fats,” said John Cipollini, general manager. “After an in-depth product review, it’s clear that this new oil offers the best balance of value, performance, taste and health concerns.”

Penn Dining Services was already using fryer oil that was zero grams trans fat in some locations, and the conversion to zero grams trans fat fryer oil in all operations on the Penn campus was complete as of January 8, 2007.

“Students can be assured that we will still offer the same great taste and superior quality,” Mr. Cipollini continued.

The majority of Penn Dining recipes use fresh ingredients, which typically do not contain trans fats.  Penn Dining Services will continue to work with suppliers to identify and reduce trans fats in recipe ingredients and prepared and packaged foods at all locations.

In response to health concerns about trans fats, Starbucks U.S. company-operated and U.S. licensed stores are striving to convert all bakery and food products to contain zero grams trans fat. Penn Dining operates the Starbucks located in 1920 Commons at 3800 Locust Walk. This location introduced trans fat free pastries and baked goods as of January 15, 2007.

For more information, visit www.upenn.edu/dining.

Almanac - January 30, 2007, Volume 53, No. 20