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Translational IDOM University-Wide Integrative Pilot Awards
January 9, 2007, Volume 53, No. 17

The Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism (IDOM) is pleased to invite applications for the first University-Wide Integrative Pilot award program. We plan to award two 12-month pilot and feasibility grants of $25,000 each to support new investigators. New investigators are defined as: post-doctoral fellows (with a letter from his/her mentor approving the application), instructors, assistant professors, and research assistant professors. The topic of the proposal must focus on areas of interest to IDOM such as obesity, diabetes and/or metabolism and involve collaboration between at least two investigators, each from different Schools across campus.

Deadline for submission will be April 9, 2007. Applications must include the following documents:

(1) Cover letter to Dr. Stella Volpe (svolpe@nursing.upenn.edu; Claire M. Fagin Hall, 420 Guardian Drive). This should indicate the title of the application and contact information for the Principal Investigator (PI) (phone, fax, and e-mail). The Department Chairs from the PI and co-investigators must sign the cover letter, to ensure that the Chairs are aware that this grant does not provide salary support. Please include Business Administrator’s contact information (PIs only).

(2) Grant Proposal. The application should include the following sections:

i. Background and Significance. This section should concisely summarize the pertinent literature and set the stage for the proposed study. Any pertinent pilot data or studies by the applicant should be noted. Specific aims and hypotheses should be stated.

ii. Research Plan. This section should include the following subsections: (a) Research Design; (b) Subjects; (c) Subject Evaluation/Procedures; (d) Sample Size and Analyses; (e) Methodological Considerations; and (f) Anticipated Results and Future Directions.

iii. References.

 Sections i and ii, combined, should not exceed three single-spaced pages. Section iii should not exceed one page. Applications should be prepared using Palatino Linotype or Arial font, with a font > 11. Margins should be at least 0.5 inches.

(3) NIH Biosketch, including Other Support. Required for PI and all collaborators.

(4) Budget and Budget Justification. This should not exceed one page. The budget justification should summarize projected expenditures for the requested funds for a one-year period. Allowable costs include funds for research supplies, staff and/or research assistant time, office supplies, participant honoraria, and other costs essential to carrying out the study. Travel costs to one scientific meeting to present study results are permissible. Funds may not be applied towards the applicant’s own salary.

(5) Appendices. Appendices are not required, but may be included if needed (e.g., forms that will be used, etc.).

Full submissions will undergo a peer review process. Funding decisions will be based principally on the priority scores awarded to applications. Applications will be reviewed and scored in May 2007 and applicants will be notified in June 2007, with a projected start date of September 1, 2007. Institutional Review Board approval will be required prior to beginning the project. All applicants will be provided critiques of their applications. Funded applicants will be asked to provide a two-page progress report at the conclusion of the year and to forward any manuscripts completed. Successful awardees must present their work at the IDOM Investigator Translational Series in the year following data collection.

Almanac - January 9, 2007, Volume 53, No. 17