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Crime Alert: SEPTA Platform at Convention Avenue & South Street
January 9, 2007, Volume 53, No. 17

On Friday, January 5, 2007, at approximately 5:05 a.m., two males approached a male (unaffiliated with Penn) waiting on the train platform at the SEPTA Regional Rail Station located at Convention Avenue and South Street, and demanded cash from the complainant at point-of-knife. The males fled on bicycles traveling west on South Street. Suspect #1: Male, dark-complexioned, 25 to 30 years-old, 5’11’’; last seen wearing a light-colored hooded sweatshirt and armed with a knife. Suspect #2: Male, dark-complexioned, 25 to 30 years-old, 6’.

Anyone with information regarding the incident should immediately notify the University of Pennsylvania Police Department by calling 511 from a campus phone, (215) 573-3333 from off-campus or cell phones, or from any blue light emergency phone. 

Both Penn’s and the UCDT’s AlliedBarton security officers will accompany and wait for all persons at public transportation subway/train station platforms, as part of the Walking Escort service. As a general safety precaution, do not walk alone in isolated areas. When walking, do not listen to music or talk on the cell phone, both activities distract people from exercising caution and awareness in their environment. Immediately report any observed suspicious behavior to Penn Police at the emergency number (215) 573-3333.

A coordinated response between SEPTA Police and Penn Police has been implemented, with additional covert and overt police and security patrols being deployed in the area to address the safety needs of the community while using public transportation. The Division of Public Safety is also utilizing virtual video patrols in the targeted area.

–Division of Public Safety


Almanac - January 9, 2007, Volume 53, No. 17