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Holiday Shopping Around Campus: Part II
December 12, 2006, Volume 53, No. 15

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Last week’s holiday shopping guide included gift ideas for accessories, apparel, bath and beauty, books and news and Penn insignia merchandise. We continue this week with Part II with ideas for shopping right here on campus. For your convenience the stores are grouped by categories. For those who would rather shop online, the stores’ websites are listed, if available. See Part I of the holiday shopping guide at www.upenn.edu/almanac/volumes/v53/n14/campus-shopping.html.

Children’s Gifts

The Pyramid Shop, located in the Penn Museum, sells unique gifts from around the world. Although the shop is geared towards children, shoppers of all ages can find something among the various items that reflect different cultures and continents. Inexpensive, interesting and fun gifts can be discovered, like a Mayan Make Your Own Chocolate Kit for $12.95 or worry dolls for $4.67. Other global gifts for children hail from Kenya, China, India and numerous South American countries.

At the Penn Bookstore, you can find books, games and toys for children of all ages in the Ben & Me kids’ section. Check out their current promotion: pick up two children’s holiday books and get a Curious George snow globe for only $3.95. Looking for fun activities to keep the little ones occupied, try Trivial Pursuit DVD for Kids ($29.95), Deluxe Orgami ($16.95) or My Scrapbook Activity Kit for ($21.98). For the future author, try Illustory, a kit where kids can write and illustrate their own book and receive a professionally typeset hardback book ($19.95).

Computer Connection carries great electronic entertainment for children. Choose from a variety of children’s software such as Adventure Workshop: Kindergarten in which children learn and play with some of their favorite characters such as Arthur and Tarzan for only $20. For the older children on your shopping list, there are also games for Mac and Windows such as Star Wars ranging in price from $20-$60.

Ritz Camera & Image carries cameras, camcorders and web cams with fun designs for children. For the entertainer, the American Idol Digital Camcorder is the perfect gift that allows your child to make his or her own music videos for only $49.99. Also the MatrixZone WatchCam is a digital watch camera and web cam that is a great gadget for your little secret agent for $29.99.

At RadioShack, you can find fun electronic toys for children. Choose from a variety of educational toys like the Vtech Learing Notebook for $60 that can help a child learn math, spelling, vocabulary, logic and even a different language. There is also a great variety of remote control mobiles like the Barbie Corvette and Doll for $40.


Penn faculty, staff, students and UPHS employees can take advantage of discounted products from the Computer Connection. Choose a computer for your personal use or home entertainment with warranties and support options that exceed those typically offered by computer superstores. Holiday offers include the Apple iMac for $879, the new IBM ThinkPad Z60M with a 15.4-inch widescreen for $999, and many other selections of desktop and laptop computers. Not sure what tech items you want? Check out the Computer Connection’s WishBook 2006. This 24-page book is full of the latest computers for home entertainment, gadgets, games, accessories for your iPod and other gifts! It’s available at www.upenn.edu/computerstore/wish and can be downloaded as an Adobe PDF.

Ritz Camera & Image has a wide variety of cameras and camcorders for either photo and video professionals or amateurs. The store also carries accessories for your camera, camcorder and photos such as bags, stands and photo frames and albums. Find great deals on all things related to cameras, like a Nikon 4 megapixel digital camera for only $119.99.

RadioShack is a great place to buy electronics and electronic accessories. Buying a gift for the whole family? The LG 32” LCD HDTV is a great choice at $1199.99, or choose from a variety of LCD flat screen televisions. For smaller-scale gifts try the hand-held neck, shoulder and back massager for $40.

Gifts: Cards, Stationary, Unique

The Black Cat Gift Shop carries a wide variety of locally and internationally hand-made scarves, bags, jewelry and other gifts. The shop also offers drawers of colorful socks and candles for the winter season. For soft and smooth lips, a vast selection of Burt’s Bees products and other lip balms are available. Other interesting gifts include artistic tree ornaments, finely crafted journals, unique pillows and one-of-a-kind home furnishings. Shop online at www.blackcatshop.com, though the store has a larger variety of gifts.

The White Dog Café, University City’s socially aware restaurant, sells merchandise with the famous White Dog insignia on plates, soup bowls, lager glasses, coffee mugs, t-shirts and hats. The White Dog Café Cookbook is also available for $19.95/paperback or $27.50/hard cover. All these gifts are available at the Black Cat Gift Shop or online at www.blackcatshop.com. For a more creative gift, make reservations for you and that special someone to attend the New Year’s Eve Dinner and Party: $60 per person plus tax and gratuity for late seating (after 8:30 p.m.). Or for those who can’t stay awake to watch the ball drop, stop by the White Dog on January 1 for the New Year’s Day Pajama Party Brunch, from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Messages offers unique picture frames, hundreds of greeting cards, many stuffed animals and other fun gifts that can easily be personalized for the holiday season. Chocolate-covered rice crisp pops decorated as Santa and reindeer are yummy stocking stuffers. Scarf-knitting kits ($25.99) or ready-to-wear scarves are available to stay warm this winter as are hand-painted mugs for spreading wintery cheer. Wrapping materials of all kinds are available whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah. For gifts that last the whole year, shoppers will find a wide selection of journals, featuring the famous Moleskin brand, and many Vera Bradley handbags of varying sizes and colors. For those with a sweet tooth, Messages also sells chocolate and fruity candies by the pound, including chocolate-covered cashews, sour watermelon gummies and white chocolate covered pretzels.

Roses Florist, in its 25th year of operation on campus, appeals to the romantic or botanist in all of us. With flower arrangements starting at just $24.95, you can purchase a great centerpiece or other gifts for family and friends. Other options include thoughtful greeting cards, aromatic candles for just $2.25 and vases starting at $5.95. To assure on-time delivery, place orders at least two days prior to Christmas; a delivery fee of $5.95 will be added for each address. Information: www.uofprosesflorist.com.


The Museum Shop offers gifts from around the world that are sure to please recipients of all ages. The Museum Shop, located on the second floor of the Penn Museum, carries handcrafted scarves from Peru, 100 percent silk pieces from India and hand-carved wooden chests from Afghanistan. In keeping with the current exhibit Amarna, Ancient Egypt’s Place in the Sun, The Museum Shop has a wide selection of Egyptian-themed items, including postcards, bookmarks ($.50 each, or 3 for $1), an Ancient Egyptian Dog Collar ($55) and hieroglyphic t-shirts ($12.95). Also available are books relating to the Museum’s current and long-term exhibits.


The Penn Bookstore has a great music selection on the second floor. In the music section you can find a variety of new music releases from all genres, old favorites, and DVD’s of your favorite television shows and movies. In addition, you will find music by Penn groups including The Band that Rocks the Cradle for $16.99 by Penn Band and Hail Pennsylvania for $18.99 by Penn Glee Club.

The Marvelous! offers an eclectic mix of music and comic books. This is the place to find the perfect gift for the music lover. The Marvelous has over 20,000 new and used records and 10,000 new and used CDs; with reasonable prices you are sure to find what you are looking for. Don’t forget to check out the comic book selection consisting of hundreds of new and used issues, great for any comic book collector.

Penn Glee ClubJust in time for the season is the Penn Glee Club’s new holiday CD, A Song By the Fire, featuring old favorites such as Let it Snow, Deck the Halls, Silent Night and new songs sure to become favorites. Cost is $15 per CD plus $3 for shipping. Order by mail by sending your name, mailing address, e-mail address, number of CDs and check to: The Penn Glee Club, Platt Student Performing Arts House, Room 133, Stouffer Commons, 3702 Spruce St., Philadelphia, PA 19104-6026. Order via PayPal online at www.penngleeclub.com.

Another way to support the oldest continuously operating glee club in the U.S. is to make a donation in support of their tour to Ireland in May 2007. For more information e-mail gleeclub@dolphin.upenn.edu or donate via PayPal on their website at www.penngleeclub.com.

Collectible Covers

June 1917 March 1971 October 1923
June 1917
March 1971
October 1923

Available for the first time for purchase are the covers of Penn’s alumni magazine, The Pennsylvania Gazette, and its predecessor, Old Penn.

Alumni and others can enjoy a Gazette cover reproduction as a great way to commemorate a graduation, reunion or other special Penn occasion or record how the century’s major events, from World War to student protests, have marked the campus…or just preserve an unforgettable photograph or favorite piece of artwork from the magazine to enhance a home or office.

The reproductions are high-resolution scans made directly from the original covers, printed on quality paper and professionally matted. They can be ordered framed or unframed. To order call (215) 898-8736 or see www.upenn.edu/gazette/buycovers/index.html.

Barbaro Print—“A Legacy of Hope”

Barbaro Print—“A Legacy of Hope”

Penn Veterinary Medicine/New Bolton Center is currently offering a limited edition print of Barbaro, painted by the renowned equine artist, Fred Stone, entitled, “A Legacy of Hope.” Mr. Stone’s work hangs in the homes and offices of some of the world’s most notable people, including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Of a limited edition of 1,200 signed and numbered prints, 500 will bear the logo of Penn Veterinary Medicine and New Bolton Center, setting them apart from the remainder of the prints. These exclusive prints are offered for $150 per print. Proceeds from the sale of these prints go directly to New Bolton Center, to benefit the patients and help advance the science of veterinary medicine.

To purchase the special Penn Veterinary version, contact Pat Hall at phall@vet.upenn.edu or call (610) 925-6500. For more information on Barbaro, see www.vet.upenn.edu/newsandevents/news/Barbaro.htm.

Another way to help Barbaro and the New Bolton Center is to donate to the Barbaro Fund. Gifts made to the fund go directly towards improving the equipment and services offered to animals like Barbaro. For more information on dontating, see www.vet.upenn.edu/barbarofund/giving_ways.html.

ICA Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Get into the holiday spirit with unique and wonderful gift ideas from ICA.Visit the ICA or shop online at www.icaphila.org/shop/ to view a detailed listing of the items for sale.


Forty Years at the Institute of Contemporary Art, $10. This publication is a tribute to the past 40 years. Documented are six ICA public programs beginning in fall 2003 that brought back past directors in conversation with the artists with whom they worked. Softcover, 6 x 8 in., 96 pages.

Accumulated Vision, Barry Le Va, $45. A fully illustrated catalog featuring 300 images, Le Va’s exhibition history, a bibliography and 4 scholarly essays by exhibition curator Ingrid Schaffner, philosopher Paul Virilio and art historians Pamela Lee and Rhea Anastas. This is the definitive survey of Le Va’s work. Softcover, 9.5 x 11.5 in., 256 pages.

Sarah McEneaney, $20. A full-color catalog publication featuring an essay by ICA Senior Curator Ingrid Schaffner, as well as contributions from Nathalie Anderson, Aella Diamantopoulos, Elyse Gonzales, Darielle Mason, Sarah McEneaney, Janine Mileaf, Eileen Neff, Rob Nixon, Sheila Pepe, Susan Rosenberg and Lisa Sewell. Acknowledgments by ICA Director Claudia Gould and Sarah McEneaney. 80 pages, 50 color images.

Purchase two of most the recent catalogs together for $20!

Make Your Own Life: Artists In and Out of Cologne looks at the mythic and art historical significance of the Cologne art scene, one of the most important centers for contemporary art during the 1980s and 1990s. Includes essays by Guest Curator Bennett Simpson, Associate Curator at ICA, Boston, Joseph Strau, and artist roundtable excerpts. Softcover, 8.25 x 11.5 in., 96 pages, 50 b & w. Regular price $15.

John Armleder, About Nothing. Works On Paper 1962-2007 presents drawings by an artist whose work offers vital formulations on the history of abstraction. Includes essays by John Armleder, Parker Williams, Beatrix Ruf, Christopher Cherix, and acknowledgements by Claudia Gould, ICA Director. Softcover, 7.75 x 10 in., 67 pages, 11 b & w. Regular price $10.

For more information on how to purchase these catalogs or others please contact Denise Berry, Special Events and Sales Coordinator at (215) 898-4980 or publications@icaphila.org.


Rodney Graham, I Think We’re Alone Now, 2005–$750. C-print, 20 x 20 in. Edition of 100.

Justine Kurland, The Family, 2002–$600. C-print, 16 x 20 in. Edition of 100.

Sarah McEneaney, Beneficial Bath, 2002–$650. Six-color etching, 10 x 16 1/2 in. Edition of 100.

Laurie Simmons, Walking House, 1994 (detail)–$2,500. Cibachrome photograph, 31 1/2 x 24 1/4 in. Edition of 100.

Cerealart: New Holiday Items!

Remember to check out ICA’s Cerealart kiosk in The Robert Saligman Lobby of limited edition multiples by renowned artists. All items are also available on their website including Yoshitomo Nara clocks and glasses, elegant pastel dessert plates by Laurie Simmons with extravagant collages of cakes, candies and cookies. Also Yayoi Kasuma soft sculpture pillows, Momoyo Tomimitsu cookie jars, and many others starting at $20.

Yoshitomo Nara. Drinking Glasses. Available in three styles and three colors: Little Girl 1 (blue), Little Girl 2 (green), and Little Girl 3 (red); Cup $17.50, Medium Tumbler $20, Large Tumbler $24. Open Edition.

Kirsten Hassenfeld. Treasury. A Musical Jewelry Box, $400. Material: Resin, plastic, soundchip; Dimensions: open: 12 x 9.5 in.; closed: 8 x 9.5 in. Open up the diamond to reveal two delicate swans that spin around a lotus flower to the tune of “Sticking With You” by the Velvet Underground. A flocked tray lines the diamond, providing ample room to store jewelry of all shapes and sizes. Edition of 1000.

Almanac - December 12, 2006, Volume 53, No. 15